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I got my hands on some biting, satirical* Honkers related music recently and have been given permission to give the World Premiere to the thousands** of avid readers of Bonkers in Honkers!

F*** The Light Rail
First one is called F*** the Light Rail; obviously penned by weather beaten regular users of the KCR transport system here. Their pain is apparent throughout the song and in turn painful for the listener too. I know you’re all too clever to predict there is at least one naughty word in this song.

Wan Chai
Second one is simply called Wan Chai. Two words (or one word) to strike fear in to any recovering alcoholics (it’s an area of bars, strip clubs and nightclubs, sometimes all in one!). The tribulations of a night out in Wan Chai is deftly dealt with here in this little ditty and no punches are pulled what the outcomes may well be. To the acoustic strumming of which rock anti-ballad people?


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Ahh yes,  the lonesome wailing of bagpipes reached up, soared if you will, to our 11th floor apartment last night. It was a signal and a warning that the first evening of Hong Kong Rugby 7s was over and the Scottish were marching through the streets of Causeway Bay to reach whatever place would sell them alcohol.

Catching the MTR this morning to my footy match (more on that later) at 7:30 there were already groups of fans heading to the Hong Kong Stadium for a day of drinking and very little rugby watching. Actually I’m watching it live on TV now and it is actually a bit exciting to watch. A bit.
I have made the decision to not venture out anywhere in the vicinity of bars tonight. I think and people have told me it will be chaos and like hell. I’m sure bagpipes will be involved too. I’ll hide under a pile of coats until it’s all over.

So my footy team, Hamsap FC, had our last game in our season this morning versus Friends United. They weren’t friendly and we weren’t united. We lost 3-2 and it was a waste of time; constant arguing, whining and time wasting on their behalf. It puts me off playing in this league again next season (which actually starts in May). I finished on 19 goals, not my 20 I wanted but fair enough. Time will tell what the new season will bring.

I’m off now to try and organise a little sojourn to Taiwan for our Easter break.

Here is my latest photo of IFC2 on a rainy cloudy day.

Stay tuned for some EXCLUSIVE Hong Kong related music I have been given to EXCLUSIVELY put up here!!

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Man, it’s such a struggle to blog at times but I know there is family, some friends and some people from random countries out there really anxious and interested to know about what we get up to so I will try my best. Maybe I need to get more esoteric…

Way back on the 14th we had a Fake St. Paddy’s Day celebration because we are all too old and weak to celebrate it on a work night. We headed to a packed Delaney’s in Wan Chai where a bunch of workmates and a bunch of soccer mates downed a few pints of Guinness and read Irish poetry to one another in hushed tones.

Here’s some pics!

So that was that. On real St. Paddy’s Day I went for a quiet game of darts after work and was home at a respectable hour to face the day after with a stride in my step and no booze on my breath.

Couple of things coming up. Hong Kong Sevens is a big big rugby event here in HK. I’m not going, I was offered tickets but didn’t want them to be honest. Not a big rugby fan. I hope everyone has a great time and the ball doesn’t bounce too weirdly.

I’m still trying to plan a few days away for our Easter break. Taiwan sounds good, it’s just planning the hotels and travel that I’m mulling over. Of course. If anyone reading can give any travel tips to Taiwan please feel free to enlighten me.

One last thing of note and as I mentioned earlier I’ve been getting back in to playing darts recently. It’s great to play again after a long time away from the oche. My work mate Tim is of the same skill level as me so we have some great games. We’ve penciled in tentatively every Tuesday after work to throw some flights. Our regular venue is the Bull and Bear in Wan Chai. It’s a small corner bar; it has a nice little area for the dartboard and some fair quality Murphy’s on tap.

Yes, it’s that skillful people.

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Last Friday after a work related meeting over in Mong Kok, I wandered over to TST to meet up with a friend whose favourite bar happens to be an Ozzie Jazz bar. The tipple of choice is a pitcher of Guinness, now this goes against all fiber of my being. Guinness doesn’t belong in a pitcher; a bottle is pushing it. Having said that, I don’t know whether it was the long week at work or what but it went down well and we got through a couple of them. But in the cold light of day now I shudder at the image of that poor poor Guinness head withering away to a yellow quagmire. I’m sorry Ireland.
Anyway the jazz started and it was cool, the trumpet guy is like 102 years old or something, so they say. Entertaining and not too loud even when sitting in front of them.

Tonight a group of us will get together to worship the ghost of St. Patrick because we don’t want to drink until 4am mid week. It’s hard enough to get up at 6:30 sober. Delaneys at 8pm in Wan Chai. Expensive, yes. Irish….no. Well maybe one barman is Irish, the rest of the staff is probably Filipino. But nice. I wonder do any other Irish expats do this pre-St. Paddy’s shindig as well. Probably not. Photographic evidence will be produced I’m sure.

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Non-Honkers post alert!

This is one of my favourite videos doing the rounds of the internet at the minute. Inspiring. We’re not all doomed to wars and hatred after all…

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