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We have a regular shoppers card at Park N Shop and all it’s good to use in all its relatives. We shop at PNS because it’s near our apartment. But they give us coupons for the TASTE supermarket in Wan Chai which is annoying to say the least.

Anyway last Saturday we tried to get to Taste from CBay. The number 56 mini bus goes from Leighton Road every 6 or so minutes. So after 20 or so minutes one had gone by and it was full. Plan W and we walk to Happy Valley and grab a trolley to Johnston road in Wan Chai to walk the rest of the way to Taste.

I forgot how much I like riding the old trams. Tranquil when not squashed and sloth like in its movement. Totally the opposite of all other transport in Honkers!

So after the wonders of the tram ride TASTE was so not worth it and definitely no return visit on the cards.

This entry was mainly for the tram pictures, but getting a dig at TASTE was so worth it. I feel better now.

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A very boring video of a short part of my bus journey every morning to show the video quality of the iphone 3Gs as requested by a reader who shall remain nameless. Actually it’s probably the worst sample I could give due to dirty windows and a dodgy suspension.

On Friday we went over to Hung Hom on the Star Ferry from Wan Chai. There is a weird little place called V King Bar on the pier. It shouldn’t really be there; that was my overall impression. And the smoking ban obviously hadn’t made it’s way there yet. Man its been a while since our clothes have smelt like crap. Anyway, it was nice to meet up with a few friends there and to experience a little different side of the pub scene in Honkers.

Iphone photos of getting there. Night time shots are not the iphone’s forte. That’s for sure. Feel the noise.

One of us loves the Star Ferry and one of us does not. ..I love it!
Setting off  from Wan Chai. Would have turned out better with My Casio P&S
The view from V King over to where the Star Ferry docks in Hung Hom.
This barely made it as it’s pretty lame. But there you have it. Looking over towards Honkers island; probably Quarry Bay area.

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I had heard that Bulldogs Bar in Wan Chai had closed but I was rather surprised to see another bar in it’s place already. And one right up my alley to  boot!
It’s called, rather mildly, Rockschool and they have live rock music on every night. I had a nice little chat with the owner Gregory about his guitar collection and his thinking behind the opening of a bar of this type.

From anybody familiar with Bulldogs there is no real change in décor apart from the massive stage where the dartboard used to be. Furniture is the same and the pillars around the bar have been painted neon colours and each of them have a range of cool guitars on them.

One thing hasn’t changed since Bulldogs, it’s still bloody freezing inside.

I really hope it works for Gregory. I have my concerns but I will certainly pay Rockschool a visit from time to time. One thing Bulldogs had going against it was that it was smoke free before the smoking ban. It was never that busy when I ventured in. I hope that Rockschool is different enough amongst the densely bar-populated Wan Chai to pull in the punters.

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Last Friday after a work related meeting over in Mong Kok, I wandered over to TST to meet up with a friend whose favourite bar happens to be an Ozzie Jazz bar. The tipple of choice is a pitcher of Guinness, now this goes against all fiber of my being. Guinness doesn’t belong in a pitcher; a bottle is pushing it. Having said that, I don’t know whether it was the long week at work or what but it went down well and we got through a couple of them. But in the cold light of day now I shudder at the image of that poor poor Guinness head withering away to a yellow quagmire. I’m sorry Ireland.
Anyway the jazz started and it was cool, the trumpet guy is like 102 years old or something, so they say. Entertaining and not too loud even when sitting in front of them.

Tonight a group of us will get together to worship the ghost of St. Patrick because we don’t want to drink until 4am mid week. It’s hard enough to get up at 6:30 sober. Delaneys at 8pm in Wan Chai. Expensive, yes. Irish….no. Well maybe one barman is Irish, the rest of the staff is probably Filipino. But nice. I wonder do any other Irish expats do this pre-St. Paddy’s shindig as well. Probably not. Photographic evidence will be produced I’m sure.

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