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It was a hot and humid morning in Happy Valley Racecourse. And I never felt the sun burning my face and arms as I played 70 minutes of total football.

First half ended 0-0 with a few chances going begging for yours truly with the misspelled name on the back of my shirt.

But come the second half, a delightful through ball from midfield saw the ball on the ground on my weaker right foot. Under  the pressure of the centre back I angled the ball into the far left corner of the goals. As the centre back fell on top of me I did not see the ball go in but I heard the roars from my team mates and knew it hit the net. Giddy up! The confidence soaring, we went on to score another from midfield. Then I scored one from in the box again, but this time with my left. Then another shot from me was parried by the goalie and one of our players snapped it up.

So 6th place for us and a good boost to get a win and to go on to next week.

I’m gonna keep my misspelled shirt.


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All kinds of everything..

As the majority of our time now is spent at work it is becoming extremely difficult to not talk about it on here. But I won’t or else my Hong Kong career here may be very short (or very long, you decide).

I have a few pics to show though from last Friday. There’s a very cheap trend to take part in in Lan Kwai Fong (which is an area of bars) and that is to buy a couple of cheap cans of beer in a 7-11 and drink them outside. It’s great fun! And very social!

That’s Sam, a guy I play footy with, and his wife Laura. All enjoying a nice cheap beer out on the streets. One step away from being a hobo. Can’t wait.

Another little thing that people line up to get their photo taken with in Lan Kwai Fong is this:

Yes riveting stuff and one of the highlights of a stay in Hong Kong. Must see attraction!

So we play our 2nd footy league game tomorrow. Did I happen to mention we lost our first game 5-0? No? Strange that.

We have got custom made shirts with our own logos and names on the back, because we are nerds. Of course out of 36 mine is the only one spelled wrong. A photo will be up here within a day or two. They said they will change it though.

Oh as an end to all this randomness, the day after the typhoon last week, the city was crazy. And the view of a mini bus line from our window summed the business up.

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Date Temperature oC Weather
Minimum Maximum
26 Aug
( Tue )
27 33 Fine and very hot.
Fine and very hot.
27 Aug
( Wed )
28 33 Fine and very hot.
Fine and very hot.
28 Aug
( Thu )
28 32 Fine.
29 Aug
( Fri )
28 32 Fine.
30 Aug
( Sat )
28 32 Mainly fine.
Mainly fine.
31 Aug
( Sun )
28 32 Sunny periods.
Sunny periods.
01 Sep
( Mon )
27 31 Sunny periods and a few showers.
Sunny periods and a few showers.

That’s it. Simple as that. And not the DeNiro/Pacino movie either.

Humidity+The sun x Work= Hell on earth squared.

I am finding it horribly uncomfortable these days in school. A few minutes out supervising recess or arrival and my back and front of my shirt/t-shirt becomes but a curtain for Niagara falls. Lovely. I don’t smell though, which is a plus.
Everyone feels the heat and complains about it but none of them seem to display their “feelings” as succinctly as I do.
Well, whatever, I’ll think of something, maybe I’ll wear a barrel with shoulder straps. Would be less embarrassing.

Speaking of embarrassing, we lost 5-0 in our first league match on Saturday. We played well in first half but messed up in second half. Next game on Saturday, will go into it with a fighting spirit!

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This amp goes up to 11

Another title that may be known only by a few people..

Thought Force 8 as explained below was top of the pops? Think again. We are force 9 people.
“Gale or storm force wind is increasing or expected to increase significantly in strength.”http://www.hko.gov.hk/

So we got the day off of work as at 6am it was still force 3 but the HK observatory said they would be upping it to force 8 by 8am. Emails didn’t come out quickly enough from school for a few people who travelled over an hour to school to find it shut.

But yet again, at 5pm here at home, we are yet to see anything remotely related to the warning given. Few rain downpours and not even that heavy. Bit of a letdown really. People are still walking around down there.

So, Sharyn decided she would do a little tour of our little apartment for you all to gape in horror to see how small of a place it is.

Here we are sitting on our main room’s window ledge.

And here is Sharyn’s tour of the manor.

So I’m hoping that my footy is on tomorrow morning and not rained out, we will have to see…

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Well a typhoon to be exact. We are at Typhoon warning number 3 at 10pm. If it’s typhoon number 8 when we wake up, then no work for us! Yipppeeee!

So a little about the typhoon system.

This symbol pops up on Tv channels. It’s put up in our apartment lobby and shopping malls.
“This is a stand-by signal, indicating that a tropical cyclone is centred within about 800 km of Hong Kong and may affect the territory.” http://www.hko.gov.hk

The one we are at now. I’m looking out my window and not a tree is stirring and not a raindrop is falling.
“Strong wind is expected or blowing generally in Hong Kong near sea level, with a sustained speed of 41-62 km/h (kilometres per hour), and gusts which may exceed 110 km/h, and the wind condition is expected to persist. Winds are normally expected to become generally stronger in Hong Kong within 12 hours after the issue of this signal. Winds over offshore waters and on high ground may reach gale force.” http://www.hko.gov.hk

This is the one we want tomorrow morning! We have been through one already with a typhoon that passed by. We went out during it to a nice blustery breeze and empty streets. It was great. This typhoon that’s coming looks like it’s coming nearer though but it may not be as strong
“Gale or storm force wind is expected or blowing generally in Hong Kong near sea level, with a sustained wind speed of 63-117 km/h from the quarter indicated and gusts which may exceed 180 km/h, and the wind condition is expected to persist.” http://www.hko.gov.hk

Here’s a tracking thingy. So it looks like it may hit us a bit too late for school cancellation. I am extremely saddened. But it will have passed by in time, I hope, for my footy match to go ahead.

See you on the other side.

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Choppin’ brocolli…

That was the best title I could come up with and only 3 people will get it.

Yes, we went to a pretty basic eatery tonight which only had chopsticks so we knew we were localling it up.

I have developed the softly softly approach to picking up food with chopsticks and it seems to work. I don’t know Sharyn’s technique but it gets in the mouth somehow. Food was very filling and we couldn’t finish it all.
We also found a store that sells all of Sharyn’s home foods that she misses dearly so that was lovely.
I’ll keep on buying squid liver and packets of fish eyeballs at any old shop.

So on the big screens around the city and outside any tv shop, loads of people will stop and watch whatever is showing from the Olympics  (usually involving China team). Quite a communal gathering but not much cheering; I was wondering if they  were for China at all…hmmm I don’t know?

Everywhere you walk around Causeway Bay and Hong Kong city streets in general there are people trusting pamphlets and flyers at you. This guy (or gal) went one further. I would die of the heat within 10 seconds of donning that outfit.

We had to walk the street so we could smoke our apartment for bugs. We’re not over-run by any means but there’s a few little guys in the bathroom. They were still there after 3 hours of death smoke so they obviously couldn’t care less. So I sprayed the bathroom floor with a can of insect spray. Interesting huh?

There are two views of our school building on my facebook album.

It’s so hot and humid walking outside of school even for a few minutes from room to room. It’s not pretty. I want it to rain. There I said it.

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Work, work, workity, work

We have a long day on work days.
I have just realised how many hours more I am at work than ISD (by the way we are going up the alphabet in regards to the last letter, people).
Sharyn is a nutter and wakes up at 5:40, so no change there then.
I get up at 6:20 or 6:30 depending on shower procedures. I got up at 7:45 in Germany.

Kids leave school here at 3:30, but with other stuff we have to do, we have to stay until 4:30. And, by God, we are gone when that time rolls around. I stayed sometimes until 4:30 in Germany, most times until 4.
Yup, big difference. Big chunk of the day. I suppose it will make us value our holidays even more.

I like the signs around Hong Kong. Not any of the current ones with English stuff on them but the authentic Cantonese signs usually advertising places were you can eat eels and cows’ tendons. Some glow, some don’t. I think I have found another boring hobby to keep up.
In fact, I have just started carrying my camera with me everywhere after a long lapse. So here, have some and there will also be an album on Facebook.

I like Tsing Tao beer. Some dude always brings some little cans of it in an ice box to drink after footy on a Sunday. Very grateful. This sign translates as: “Drink Tsing Tao Beer! Buy 24 and get a free Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube-Man!”

I don’t know if the shadow makes it better or crap. You decide. This is one of the light up variety. Oh yes.

As you might have told from these, they were taken out of a bus with no planning whatsoever.

My next photo project is two dogs we meet every morning at 7am. They are two little shitzus and after a few mornings passing by them and their two owners, we are now on “Good Morning” greetings terms (with the women not the dogs). It makes my morning a little bit happier seeing the little hairy panting fellas ( I know a few human varieties that can go by that description). Hehe. So I aim to photograph them so I can get that happy feeling all day! Watch this spaaaaace. Or not. As I may be thrown in prison for doing so.

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