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So without going in to too much details I get paid to play with Lego most of my working week.

And oversee a bunch of creative funny little kids ranging from 5 years old to probably 10.

I must say at the start of the school year I was pretty scared to be in charge of 30 Foundation years for 80 minutes. But all fears have subsided and I think they are my favourite year. I think they have the same sense of humour as me.
By the end of the school year I will have seen every Foundation Year to Grade 2 kid in my room. That’s around 300 students. I won’t be learning all their names I dare say. This is on top of my 45-odd Grade 5 students who I have for I.T. classes. I’ve had to claw my out of a few nasty situations when I was questioned why I didn’t know a certain student’s name (by the student of course).

The imagination of the stories behind what they build crack me up (and impress me)and if coming from an adult’s mouth you would lock them up in a padded cell never to see the light of day again.

I took a few pics of the Grades 3 to 5’s motorised windmills on Wednesday as they were pretty cool. Gotta be careful with putting faces in.

They have a little button attached to a programmable box which is connected by USB to the laptop. A little program is written to tell the motors to move when the button is pressed.

Here’s a vid of one doing it’s thang.

So tomorrow’s Friday thank God. I have a football game at 8am on Saturday morning about 30 minutes underground ride away. So taking  it easy tomorrow night. Then we are out  on Victoria Harbour Saturday night  (on a boat, naturally) to have some food, wine and cigars with 9 or so other staff members. We hope to be out in time for the illumination show that the skyscrapers put on around 8pm every night. A sight to behold. And video. Stay tuned for more updates on that and more. Keep it here!

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Don’t be sad, I will strive to have more updates to come and seing as we have our unofficial staff party out on a boat in Victoria Harbour this Saturday I would hope to have some good pics from that.

Last Saturday Iwent out without camera to a sushi joint with my footy mates as one of them was celebrating his birthday. Not a big sushi fan but I ate a few random strange tasting shapes and didn’t die. We headed to Lan Kwai Fong after that and myself and two guys ended up in an Irish bar (Dublin Jacks) drinking my local Irish Whiskey from back home, Tyrconnell. I have successfully got people hooked on this particular type of whiskey from Cleveland, Ohio through Tasmania, Canada and Germany. My quest continues.

On the other hand Sharyn was enjoying herself with the girls from work first at a Korean BBQ place and then at one of those book your own room karaoke places. As I wasn’t there I can’t say how horrible the singing was. There is video evidence but it won’t be on here.

Some pics from the BBQ and Karaoke.

Before the BBQ

After BBQ

Of course Sharyn doesn’t avail of BBQ dead animal and went for something named funny.

On to Karoke!

We can only imagine the cocophany of sound that was emanating from this room at that moment.

I will update tomorrow with some more food related stuff we experienced today. Laterz.

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So I bought two tickets many weeks ago for a Murder Mystery night in a hotel over in East Tsim Tsa Tsui. Which is a quick hop in a taxi from Causeway Bay under Victoria Harbour and just on the other side.

Yes I had it all planned perfectly.

Until I got sick and couldn’t go.

So Aneesha stepped in for me and Sharyn went along and had a fabulous time. Seems that it’s all very funny and people in the crowd are given roles to play along the night. Entertainment along with a slap up meal, can’t go wrong there.

One of the actors and a twit volunteer from the crowd.

One of the salads I missed. Beautiful.

Some meat this time, looks like a Vol Au Vent sorta thing

So by all accounts good fun and something different to experience here in Bonkers Honkers.

I on the other hand had a Masters Football (where old stars from English Premiership battle it out) ticket in hand for a tournament in Macau last weekend but it was cancelled. So that wasn’t nice at all.

Update 3 of 3 coming up tomorrow. Karaoke and Korean BBQ (a Sharyn adventure out on her own again (with friends))!

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Yeah, yeah, so you’ve all got bored with this blog and think I’m lazy.  But wait, I have something in this the first of three updates in the next 24 hours!

Horse racing in Honkers is a very cool event to go to and  a nice way to break up the week and lose a load of money! It takes place every Wednesday in Happy Valley and to slum it with the locals down trackside all you have to pay is $10 Hong Kong Dollars. Which is like a Euro or something. There are 8 races every half hour and there is plenty of food and drink and betting counters to fulfill all your needs.

Here’s a video clip of me urging my nag Bellion to victory only to see him drop to second in the final few seconds

So all in all good fun, good entertainment and probably even more fun if you actually win some money. Probably shouldn’t make a habit out of it though!

Further updates to follow in the next 24 hours, including murder, karaoke and Korean BBQs!

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