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Yeah, yeah, so you’ve all got bored with this blog and think I’m lazy.  But wait, I have something in this the first of three updates in the next 24 hours!

Horse racing in Honkers is a very cool event to go to and  a nice way to break up the week and lose a load of money! It takes place every Wednesday in Happy Valley and to slum it with the locals down trackside all you have to pay is $10 Hong Kong Dollars. Which is like a Euro or something. There are 8 races every half hour and there is plenty of food and drink and betting counters to fulfill all your needs.

Here’s a video clip of me urging my nag Bellion to victory only to see him drop to second in the final few seconds

So all in all good fun, good entertainment and probably even more fun if you actually win some money. Probably shouldn’t make a habit out of it though!

Further updates to follow in the next 24 hours, including murder, karaoke and Korean BBQs!

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