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T-shirts should be made in the same vein as I ❤ New York etc.

All because Hagupit decided to linger around long enough to get a day off of work for us.

So we travelled to Kowloon and looked around a computer mall and had lunch in an Irish pub and celebrated the ghost of Oktoberfest (which we had been to two year running in Germany) with a pint of Lowenbrau although not as big as at Oktoberfest.

We were caught in heavy rains walking the streets but its all part of the lifestyle. I don’t like the look of other weather systems forming out over the ocean though. We are flying on Saturday to relaxation city. Stay away typhoons!

Other updates from our apartment:

No hot water in bathroom, gas people coming tomorrow.

New DVD player purchased and working. Which is a miracle really after the messing around I’ve had to do with the tv and various other devices.


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Whatever, Hagupit

What sort of name is that anyway?
Call yourself a Typhoon?
Anyway at time of writing it’s passing us by and giving us a few drops of rain:

Be warned the followin video is 58 seconds of rain falling down through our apartment window. Not for the faint of heart or anyone who does not want to waste 58 seconds of their life.

School beckons tomorrow as Hagupit fails to time itself properly.

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For he may be the one that closes all the schools down on Wednesday! HAGUPIT, HAGUPIT!

Hong Kong is around 114x-22y co-ordinates or thereabouts

Although he does look like he is heading in a westerly direction but due south of us so the lovely Warning Number 8 may not come in to play and we will work away like normal people.

We just want it out of the way come Saturday to avoid any complications for our flight to Cebu.

So where exactly are we going in the Philippines?

Here are a few pics of the resort, probably all faked to make it look so much nicer.

Long shutter speed to make colours more vibrant? Check.

I won’t be happy unless it’s exactly like those pictures!

They also have a small golf course and a firing range which I will take advantage of. More so the golf.

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I’ve played football over the last few days in probably 35 celcius heat. It’s not fun. Not fun at all.
Especially when one of the games is a league one and you lose 5-2. After leading 2-0.

Here is where we play our casual kick arounds every Sunday. Great little pitch for 7-a-side. Only downside that it is a 40 minute commute to it, as it’s on Lantau island out by the airport. We have another get together on Wednesdays at a park near our apartment which I must take photos of because its right bang in the middle of the city.

Actually I feel like all I did this weekend was football related. Well not next weekend because we’re off for Cebu in the Philippines to hopefully some sun and relaxation.Ahhhhhh.

The heat has been crazy overall, and there is no sign of it letting up. At the other end of the spectrum a typhoon has kicked through the Philippines and is coming in a vague twirly pattern up here but will probably not effect us.

Back to work tomorrow. Tell me why I don’t like Mondays.

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Hello Joe!

Popped along to a nice little haunt, Joe’s Billiards, tonight for a few games of relaxing pool.

It’s hidden in a building on the 2nd floor, it gets a bit smokey but the tables are good and it’s a cosy place for a cheapish beer (around 2.50 euros a bottle of Carlsberg). Don’t know who or where Joe is but good on him, it’s a welcome retreat from the business of the rest of Honkers.

It rained today! Didn’t stop the humidity but was good to see rain still existed.

On my way back from Joe’s I snapped a few shots of various signs I like. I’m a sign nerd.

I snapped this because it’s a road beside me in Ireland. Get the pens out and start practicing it, people from my area!

And a few more various ones. More on Facebook.

Yes it is popular here.

You think I can start a Honkers branch of Cleveland SGS, John S.?!

Too tired to type more, haven’t got anything in my poor brain anyway. Night night.

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It was humid today. Worst yet. It was like walking through a pile of wet socks. Just liquid air, really.

I have nothing else to say.

Oh, the blog title is brought to you today from an email I got from a colleague asking me to volunteer outside the school on Friday giving out stuff to the parents on parent teacher night.
She couldn’t promise anything exiting only “mosquito spray and smiles” . Was very funny and unexpected. She probably didn’t mean to be funny, actually, now that I think of it.
I replied back in kind saying that it was the best offer I had for Friday so it’s no problem. The vice-principal who was on as a CC to the email replied to me saying :
“You’re an interesting man Colin aren’t you?”.
Yes, yes I am.

I play football Saturday, there is a power struggle within Hamsap FC, it hasn’t been pretty but it seems to have died down now. We’ll soon find out Saturday.

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Back to work…

…after the long weekend. Always hard to do but gotta be done. Nice of the tech teacher to call in sick so I could cover her classes.

No pictures in this update but I should have brought the camera with me tonight as my pal Jeff took me to a few local eateries.

First stop was a place with no English characters on the outside so I can’t garnish you with the name. They sell snake soup. I didn’t have any although Jeff’s friend gladly offered me some of his….maybe later on in my culinary expedition of Honkers, buddy. I stuck with barbecued pork with boiled rice in a little bowl and I didn’t even embarrass myself with my chopstick retardation. Looking around the eatery I saw large bottles of strange coloured substances (which I will guess is snakes’ bile or something exotic like that) and a couple of jars of pickled lizards. Yes this was local although they did have a small translation of stuff on a menu in English so I will venture back on my own at stages. They also seem to give you nice free glasses of earthy, soil flavoured tea which is actually very nice.

After that we wandered to another local eatery which smelled horrible, a mixture of tofu and fish and forgotten dreams. We were there for dessert though and the specialty here was tofu dessert. It came in a bowl and it looked like milk that was left out in the sun for 10 years. It actually tasted ok but I wouldn’t cross the plains of the Sahara to grab a bowl and gobble it down again.

University Course status: DHL have the project now! After many stressful moments that are too banal to go into here. Now all I have to worry about is whether it was good or not and I gotta start studying for my written exam in October.  Giddy Up.

Oh I will leave you with a photo my mate, Rob, took in Stanley of a very hot dog. Heh heh poor guy I don’t know how the dogs here survive here with all that hair. Oh wait….

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