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The In-Between Part

So I’m still in Ireland and Sharyn is still in the US. I will leave Ireland this Tuesday. Aghhhhh!
Really not knowing what to expect but that’s the exciting part!
Leaving Germany was weird knowing I was not going back. I looked around the apartment 20 times to make sure I was taking everything.
But, yeah, I’m ready, gonna whittle my luggage down to one suitcase for my long haul flight. Dublin-Heathrow-Honkers. I will be tired after all that. That’s a fact.

I have organised to go to our school and talk about what I should do and in what order (and to get my hands on my staff laptop).
I have also organised to see an apartment in Stanley, an area I didn’t even see as an option. Sounds nice but transport to work may be the problem, according to the apartment owner, and may swing my decision away from there. Shame as it was from the direct owner so no fees to be paid to estate agents. My hunt will continue but I will go see it as it will give me a good idea on apartments.

My old friend Ian will put me up in his apartment in Ap Lei Chau and leave me to my own devices as he nips off home to Tasmania then on the 4th. I think I will meet up with an ISD staff member on 5thfor drinks (hope I can find where they want to meet!)

Anyway, I don’t know if anybody is actually reading this but I’ll treat it as a diary and to ramble on and try to be funny!

Next post, next stop, Hong Kong!

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Countdown is on!

Not long now until Germany is but a distant memory and Hong Kong a fresh new experience!

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