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We are trying our hardest to get all our LDB action out of the way as this is our final week in which we are able to abuse the LEGO in this way.

So expect a few more editions before we shuffle of this mortal coil of a series.

This edition; shorter, different angle.

Warning: the song over the carnage says a naughty word at some point. Along with warbled screaming. Not everybody’s cup of tea 🙂

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Food Compendium

I’ve taken numerous shots of food over the last few months which I haven’t posted up here so I thought I would get around to it now.

First up is a blob of sticky rice and beef wrapped up in a bamboo leaf. It’s called Zongzi and it ties in with the Dragon Boat races that take place around Hong Kong in early June.

This was presented to me at work one day so I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so a quick blast in the microwave and….

It tasted very…leafy…but it was a fine snack to have mid afternoon. I’m all for eating traditional foods when it’s free and tasty.

There is a great Shanghai-nese local eatery on our street called Shanghai Yat Pang Heung (don’t bother looking for a sign, it’s not anywhere to be seen in English outside). I have not been in a few weeks, I don’t know why…so don’t ask. I really like the food there, well actually I can  only say I like the beef curry because that’s all I get. I don’t know why but they always give me a tasty bowl of soup before the main dish. Fine with me!

From what I can tell there’s bits of bones and vegetables in there. All good.

Hmmm, it’s making me hungry just looking at it. Some may complain that the curry is very salty but I like it that way. Nicely accompanied by a bowl of boiled rice and thick chunky potatoes in the curry. Perfect. I think from memory it’s about 50HKD, around 5 Euros. I will be back!

Beside us in Times Square there are four floors of  eateries. We decided to go to the 798 Unit & Co. restaurant one night on the 11th floor due to their claim of having a very wide array of beers from around the world. We love going to Times Square and seeing everyone line up in the massive line to the elevators to the food floors. We always walk nonchalantly in to Times Square itself and take one of the indoor elevators up to the 9th and escalator it up from there. But recently, Times Square have opened up a couple more elevators straight up to 10th. Result! There are never any lines…hope it stays that way.


We got one of the last remaining tables on a very busy night for the 798 crew.

To bring back happy memories of two Oktoberfest in München spent in the Löwenbraü tent I opted for the above. Surprisingly it did taste like the real thing and did bring back memories of giant pretzels and burly muscular waitresses.

The vegetarian on the night chose the pasta dish. There wasn’t a lot of option for the herbivores on the menu. It was tasty enough though.

The carnivore lumped for the steak. It was tasty but quite a small bit of cow. The jacket potato was nice and the (soy/gravy?) sauce was a nice accompaniment to the steak. The yellow was sauce was like fire from hell so I did not go past the “tip of the fork” taste test.

As the restaurant was getting busier I made a pact that I would get desert only if the waitress came quickly to clear our table. She did so I did. then the desert took forever to come. Oh well. It wasn’t really worth the wait. I’ve eaten tastier lemon meringues out of a box from the freezer I’m afraid.
So, would you go back I hear you chortle? Meh…..as a last resort if we are wandering around the food floors of Times Square. Maybe.

from https://bonkersinhonkers.wordpress.com

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from https://bonkersinhonkers.wordpress.com

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The Hong Kong Education Board just ordered our school to shut down for two weeks (which means we’re done for the school year) as 12 students in Honkers are diagnosed with Piggy Flu.

It was a surreal end to the year as the announcement came over the public address system. Teachers and students rushed to tidy classrooms and bring home work which resulted in little people bent over double with the weight of their school bags. Poor things!
There were a few tears at the sudden-ness of it all (by students, of course) and by 3:30 we had seen them all off for a few months. I hope they stay healthy.

It seems that this H1N1 virus is picking up again around the world so I think the EDB made a good call and I hope the decision has been made in time. It seems like an age since the closure of a hotel in Wan Chai for a week then I never heard anything about “the flu”. Until today.

We still, of course, go into work tomorrow and every day until next Friday. I’m sure they will keep us busy. It’s okay if we have meetings and mingle and get sick! There is a Grade 5 thank you dinner in a local hotel for the teachers on Saturday that I’m surprised is still going ahead; it is after all a congregation of children in one place! But I think the moms have worked too hard to arrange all of it so I think they are going to gamble our health for it all!

Here’s hoping it all calms down a bit so we can get the hell outta here next Friday!!

from https://bonkersinhonkers.wordpress.com

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I’m sorry but this going to be one of many in this series. Thanks to my new Casio Exilim FC100 which shoots at 410 frames per second video and can go up to 1000 fps! Wa wa wee wa!

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The soccer sevens are a very poor brother to the rugby sevens that take place every year in Honkers.

The teams consist of local, Asian and a handful of English teams. There is the main cup which is made of u-19 players and then there is the Masters tournament for the over 35s.

It takes place inside Happy Valley racecourse and the entrance is impossible to find unless you know where you are going (or are a member of Hong Kong FC and in that case you can go through the glorious club house). It is publicised around the island for a quite a while beforehand but obviously not as hyped as the rugby version. This results in pretty low turnouts and short queues for food and drink. Result!

I managed to catch every day of action missing a few hours of non essential games on each day. There was some good action interspersed with games of nothingness and boring unadventurous play.
The final Sunday was a very long day of watching football; and even the most ardent footy fan in me was getting quite weary by the end of it all. The main cup was won by the Celtic u-19 team over Rangers. It wasn’t quite the blood bath I was expecting and obviously these kids haven’t been incited by the 80,000 odd sectarian fanatics at the first team Glasgow derbies yet. I hope they focus on their evident skills and keep up the sportsmanship between these two warring teams that I saw in the entertaining final.

A team full of oldies from the English Premiership. Was excited to see them in action. Shame they were beaten by a bunch of locals!

Will probably go again next year; but maybe just for the last day. Was happy to brush off the old Nikon D70 to snap a few action shots. Still got it!

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Happy Valley horse racing on a Wednesday night here in Honkers is coming to a close for the summer (presumably to deter horses from dropping dead in the heat and humidity).

So off we went for a night of either losing money or winning money. It was a rainy but terribly humid night

The crowds at HV are mainly business type ex-pats and tourists hanging around the food and drink epicentres with the locals mainly hanging around the bookies counters reading form guides furiously as if their livelihood depends on it. It probably does. The first time you fill in the betting slip can be an adventure fraught with incorrectly filled in boxes and patient betting tellers telling you where you stupidly went wrong. After that though, you can have a spring in your step knowing  that you have everything right on your way to losing money.

I had a plan for the night 100HKD in every race on the nose. I won the first race with odds of about 4/1. Great start!

Beer tastes better with money you didn’t have a few minutes before

Some people’s approach to betting is to go for the nicest name. This rarely works I’m afraid.

The only downside for me came during the end of the night, when my outside chance bolted from the stalls and promptly landed his jockey on his ass approximately 1 metre from the start. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the horse for future reference.
All in all, it is a good night out to spend (time and money) and the admission in is a very reasonable 10HKD. The 30 minutes in between races fly by if you are actually throwing your money away on each race that is!) with studying of the nags and their form, course history and their family tree (anything with Irish parents gotta be good right?!)

I broke even.

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