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Our friend and colleague, Tania, invited us to spend the afternoon with her in Discovery Bay. C has been there before but this was my first time. I guess you can now tell C is not writing this post; I am a guest write for Bonkersinhonkers, the wife of the creator, Shazza.

As soon as we stepped off the boat (with my normal nausea) I found myself walking on a cobble stone plaza. It took me back to my days in the Dorf! We hopped on Bus #7 and took a short ride to Jovial Court, where our hostess was waiting.

First things first, we join in a traditional toast of Slivovitz (Croatian Plum Brandy)!

We were also greeted by our new friend, Ruby!

After I recovered from the Slivovitz, Tania invited us to the table, which included a bottle of Malvazija, a special Croatian wine. The feast included a Croatian salad (vegetarian), a cheese pie (vegetarian), homemade salsa (vegetarian), and a bacon topped lasagna. The vegetarian was not at a loss for choice!

After we ate, Ruby was ready for a walk! She has her favorite spots for munching on mint flavored leaves!

There are a few things I had heard about Discovery Bay over the past three years which I found to be true. There are a lot of dogs and children and the people who live here use golf carts as their means of transportation, no cars!

There were also a few surprises on this quaint little island. Everywhere you turn, a new cat is ready to greet you! There are also little secret corners of garbage/litter that defy the beautiful reputation DB has.

After a long afternoon of eating, drinking, being spoiled by our hostess, and playing with Ruby, it was time to take the ferry home! Hopefully Ruby will sleep well tonight!

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