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We have a regular shoppers card at Park N Shop and all it’s good to use in all its relatives. We shop at PNS because it’s near our apartment. But they give us coupons for the TASTE supermarket in Wan Chai which is annoying to say the least.

Anyway last Saturday we tried to get to Taste from CBay. The number 56 mini bus goes from Leighton Road every 6 or so minutes. So after 20 or so minutes one had gone by and it was full. Plan W and we walk to Happy Valley and grab a trolley to Johnston road in Wan Chai to walk the rest of the way to Taste.

I forgot how much I like riding the old trams. Tranquil when not squashed and sloth like in its movement. Totally the opposite of all other transport in Honkers!

So after the wonders of the tram ride TASTE was so not worth it and definitely no return visit on the cards.

This entry was mainly for the tram pictures, but getting a dig at TASTE was so worth it. I feel better now.

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Bloody hell, I look at my blog and two weeks have passed by since the last post. I hate myself sometimes.

Anyway I sometimes feel sorry for stores and businesses hidden up in nondescript looking buildings so I’m happy to give a shout out to a relatively new wine emporium which won’t render you penniless in the process. Pity their website as advertised on their card doesn’t work though..

Premier Fine Wines, as you can see from the map, is a mere few steps away from the main artery of soul-destroying pedestrian-ism between Times Square and Sogo on Jardine’s Bazaar. It stocks mainly Australian and French plonk and prices range from a reasonable (150HkD) to “what-the-hell-is-in-that-bottle?” prices. The lady that was there was very pleasant and gave us a taster of a nice Australian Shiraz which was one of the reasonably prices ones (maybe she has a financial-status sensor in the store). We will go back. If it doesn’t shut down in the meantime like all the other stores around us. It seems like there is boarded up store fronts wherever you look but as soon as they go up a new store is in its place to repeat the cycle of consumerist Russian roulette.

Causeway Bay Sewerage Works Update:
The trenches around C-Bay that have been there since we arrived have signs up saying they will be done by December 2009. They once said they would be done by February 2009. So if said trenches are gone and the work completed by December I will pour a bottle of Australian Shiraz down in the toilet in celebration.


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The celebratory fireworks extravaganza were but a not too distant rumble from our lofty perch in Causeway Bay.
Dim flashes of light in the night sky were the only evidence for us of the 20 minute spectacle….apart from the shroud of smoke which enveloped us for a good 40 minutes afterwards. Supposedly the show cost 400,000 USD…

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It’s a national holiday today all over the People’s Republic. So that includes us here in Hong Kong.
There’s a lot of plastic flag waving of the nice red flags of Hong Kong and China.

We stumbled upon a parade of said flag waving in Causeway Bay on Tuesday.

Our own glorious chairman of Honkers, Donald Tsang, has organised a calendar of celebratory events so we can raise a glass to China and the “remarkable success in its development”
The closest one to us is the carnival in Victoria Park. We won’t be going. We went to a similar one last year and it turned out to be a couple of dozen stalls selling bags of household cleaning products in frenetic auction style affairs.

So what’s the reasons for celebrating?

It’s a lot of sweeping under the carpet of Mao’s policies and political purges from 1949-1975 and a lot more lauding of the current economic and technological state of China today. China has the third largest GDP in the world  and is also the world’s third largest trading power. So to be fair it’s a good reason to celebrate. Although if you look at the per capita income you may pause for a moment to ponder what the hell is going on..

Anyway, I’m thinking China has a lot more growing up to do over the next 60 years and will face a lot of tough questions, not at least about the environmental calamities that are a result of its massive industry growth. Although recently plans are afoot to reduce emissions by 10% by 2010. Yipee!

Happy Anniversary China.


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