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I saw that we had 76 unique visitors to our blog yesterday. And for what? A terribly irregular updated blog.

I feel ashamed….

But enough with the shame, I can live with that. Let me fill you in on a few things. Just a few.

The weather has cooled here! Yay! Enough to warrant a light top or hoodie for our morning walk to the school bus. The locals are dressed like they are about to hike Mount Everest and look at us as if we were about to take all our clothes off.

I have meticulously planned our Christmas trip to Vietnam. We leave the Friday night school ends (19th December) and fly to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon, comrades). We stay there for 3 nights and take a 3-4 hour bus journey north, north west to Phan Thiet. Which is a coastal resort area where lots of people go kite surfing and the like. A couple from school will be in that area so we will more than likely meet up with them. We stay there until the 29, then grab a bus back to Ho Chi Minh for an overnight stay in a hotel close to the airport so we can get to our early flight back to Honkers.
That will give us a nice little relaxing few days until we get back to the grindstone. Work.

What else..? Oh we are going to a Murder Mystery night in a hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui. Should be embarrassing. You pay for a slap up meal and God knows what else.
I’m also going with a couple of dudes to a Masters Football Tournament in Macau on December 5th. All the old wiley pros from English football will be out to impress. Should be fun.

Speaking of masters and football, Hamsap FC are doing ok. I’m up to 9 goals for the season, having scored my best and latest one last Saturday waaaay up in the New Territories. Ball over my shoulder, one bounce on the knee and a chipped volley in to the far corner. Was happy with that one. Testing game on Saturday with a team above us. Will see how we go.

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It sure is everywhere in Hong Kong, almost to the level of America. But not quite. I’m in one now!
I’m drinking way too much Starbucks now since I got here.

The quietest Starbucks in Hong Kong is in the quietest building in Hong Kong… Cyberport! Which is near our school. This mammoth building complex was supposed to be next big thing for companies to come and set up their offices and for shops to set up branches in their Plaza. Nah, didn’t work out. You see more cleaning staff and security than office people or customers.
Which is great when you need a Starbucks! There are two little alcoves of Starbucks to enjoy and wallow in inner thinking and caffeine.In fairness Cyberport try to entice people to come with regular exhibtions. One recent one was The Art of Gravestone(sic). Yeah it was as bad as it sounded. Next up it’s Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2008. Should be a massive crowd puller I’m thinking.

Although Starbucks is an example of an American franchise that works over here, not so for Krispy Creme who just shut down their shops over here due to lack of people wanting to eat their donuts. Other chains you might recognise are 7-11 (one very five feet), Circle-K, Ben & Jerry’s, H&M, Espirit and probably more that I can’t remember right now.

Weekend ahead. I want rest and relaxation. And some football playing. Hamsap are up against Keenlex (I’m thinking they went for Kleenex but failed miserably). They are above in the table so will be a tough one. Good luck us.

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So I ran away screaming from school today to grab a doctor by the lapels and shake him until medicine fell out.

I was very hoarse after my lesson today so had to be done. Doctor was right beside us in Causeway Bay. The guy was a bit dry, no real friendliness so I probably won’t be back to him. His office was empty so that was the best thing about it all. Didn’t say anything was up, just a virus. Didn’t even give me any good stuff just some bags of unmarked pills for throat and chest decloggage and some unmarked red goop for throat soothage. I could see my apartment building from his 26th floor waiting room. Which was nice. Hope his drugs hit the spot.

Just back from Tropic Thunder. Two thumbs up from this reviewer. Some very funny stuff in there indeed. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good comedy that didn’t fall flat any any stage. The cinema we went to in Time Square was a bit dated and reminded me of a cinema back in Dundalk that closed in the 80s. Yeah it was that bad. Will try the other cinemas beside us next time. Maybe 007 or Saw V up next.

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It’s the Monday after Halloween.

I haven’t enjoyed life the past week or so as I have a cough that wakes me up every five minutes when I lie down. And when I’m not coughing my throat is complaining to me that I’ve been coughing so much most of my throat membrane has probably been expelled through my mouth. I may have to go to an eerie traditional Chinese medicine place down a side street run by a mysterious yet knowledgeable old mystic fellow and get a jar of magic goop. Or go to a doctor. Let’s see what tomorrow brings! Joy!

So in that frame of mind I have been and not excluding Halloween and Sharyn’s birthday which fall beautifully on the same day. That was Friday a few days ago.

The day started off well as Grade 1 at our school brought in some pets for their year to see. So I hung around petting smelly dogs and hoping that one of them would not go all Cujo and bite off a little ones face.
This is Oscar he is 3 years old and fat. He also growled once in a while but never acted out on it. I think he may be insane. Or just wanted more food. Kids liked him. He was a character alright! He’s bigger than he looks in this pic.

This guy was called either Audi or Polo, I can’t remember and I’m not kidding. He is called a doctor dog around these parts; he goes around and makes elderly people happy by presumably playing bingo with them or joining them in ranting about the weather.

I usually don’t like Corgis but this guy was friendly. The mum insisted I pose for a pic. A couple of things to note. I couldn’t keep my smile as the woman struggled to come to terms with pressing a button to take a picture. And I know it looks like I am pinning down the dog with my leg but I’m not. I save that manouevre for the students.

So after all the fun of school we head out to an Indian Vegetarian Restaurant to meet with friends to celebrate Halloween and Sharyn’s birthday. I wasn’t happy with costume preparation; I need time and resources to manufacture the perfect costume. I went to a street called Pottinger Street in Central:

Which is a slanted alleyway from Hell with stalls set up selling costumes and wigs and has the entire population of Hong Kong there at any one time looking for stuff. Never go there as people stop believing in other people existing in the world when you climb over the scourge of humanity from the top to the bottom or vice versa. I wasn’t successful or very happy as you can tell so I stole a walking cane, white coat and stethoscope from school and called myself Dr. House to please everyone. This gave me the perfect opportunity to act like a bastard all night and get away with it (nearly choking to death with a coughing fit half way through helped with this). Sharyn put on a wig and became Katie Holmes.

The girls together. Um….Mask Woman, Diana Ross, Katie Holmes and the woman doctor from Gray’s Anatomy or something

So this was all in Wan Chai so it was full of western people dressed up but also there was a big rugby match called the Bledisloe Cup between Australia and New Zealand on during the weekend so you had an influx of idiots in town for that. So the pubs were full of seven foot tall beefheads who bumped into you and talked in tongues because their heads have been kicked in so many times from playing the game they don’t know how to function any more. “Duh, me like rugby, me drink all beer all the time. Me gonna start fight! Good me! Rugbbbbbyyyyyyyy”

I go now. We (Hamsap FC) won 4-3 at the weekend to continue our 4 game winning streak. I scored again. And I didn’t cough up my guts doing it which is strange. That’s 8 for the season and 6 goals in 4 games if anyones counting. Hope it continues.

Agenda for this week: work. Although we are going to see Tropic Thunder tomorrow night in a cinema 5 minutes walk away. Tickets booked online which is nice.

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