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We have a regular shoppers card at Park N Shop and all it’s good to use in all its relatives. We shop at PNS because it’s near our apartment. But they give us coupons for the TASTE supermarket in Wan Chai which is annoying to say the least.

Anyway last Saturday we tried to get to Taste from CBay. The number 56 mini bus goes from Leighton Road every 6 or so minutes. So after 20 or so minutes one had gone by and it was full. Plan W and we walk to Happy Valley and grab a trolley to Johnston road in Wan Chai to walk the rest of the way to Taste.

I forgot how much I like riding the old trams. Tranquil when not squashed and sloth like in its movement. Totally the opposite of all other transport in Honkers!

So after the wonders of the tram ride TASTE was so not worth it and definitely no return visit on the cards.

This entry was mainly for the tram pictures, but getting a dig at TASTE was so worth it. I feel better now.

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The soccer sevens are a very poor brother to the rugby sevens that take place every year in Honkers.

The teams consist of local, Asian and a handful of English teams. There is the main cup which is made of u-19 players and then there is the Masters tournament for the over 35s.

It takes place inside Happy Valley racecourse and the entrance is impossible to find unless you know where you are going (or are a member of Hong Kong FC and in that case you can go through the glorious club house). It is publicised around the island for a quite a while beforehand but obviously not as hyped as the rugby version. This results in pretty low turnouts and short queues for food and drink. Result!

I managed to catch every day of action missing a few hours of non essential games on each day. There was some good action interspersed with games of nothingness and boring unadventurous play.
The final Sunday was a very long day of watching football; and even the most ardent footy fan in me was getting quite weary by the end of it all. The main cup was won by the Celtic u-19 team over Rangers. It wasn’t quite the blood bath I was expecting and obviously these kids haven’t been incited by the 80,000 odd sectarian fanatics at the first team Glasgow derbies yet. I hope they focus on their evident skills and keep up the sportsmanship between these two warring teams that I saw in the entertaining final.

A team full of oldies from the English Premiership. Was excited to see them in action. Shame they were beaten by a bunch of locals!

Will probably go again next year; but maybe just for the last day. Was happy to brush off the old Nikon D70 to snap a few action shots. Still got it!

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Happy Valley horse racing on a Wednesday night here in Honkers is coming to a close for the summer (presumably to deter horses from dropping dead in the heat and humidity).

So off we went for a night of either losing money or winning money. It was a rainy but terribly humid night

The crowds at HV are mainly business type ex-pats and tourists hanging around the food and drink epicentres with the locals mainly hanging around the bookies counters reading form guides furiously as if their livelihood depends on it. It probably does. The first time you fill in the betting slip can be an adventure fraught with incorrectly filled in boxes and patient betting tellers telling you where you stupidly went wrong. After that though, you can have a spring in your step knowing  that you have everything right on your way to losing money.

I had a plan for the night 100HKD in every race on the nose. I won the first race with odds of about 4/1. Great start!

Beer tastes better with money you didn’t have a few minutes before

Some people’s approach to betting is to go for the nicest name. This rarely works I’m afraid.

The only downside for me came during the end of the night, when my outside chance bolted from the stalls and promptly landed his jockey on his ass approximately 1 metre from the start. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the horse for future reference.
All in all, it is a good night out to spend (time and money) and the admission in is a very reasonable 10HKD. The 30 minutes in between races fly by if you are actually throwing your money away on each race that is!) with studying of the nags and their form, course history and their family tree (anything with Irish parents gotta be good right?!)

I broke even.

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Yeah, yeah, so you’ve all got bored with this blog and think I’m lazy.  But wait, I have something in this the first of three updates in the next 24 hours!

Horse racing in Honkers is a very cool event to go to and  a nice way to break up the week and lose a load of money! It takes place every Wednesday in Happy Valley and to slum it with the locals down trackside all you have to pay is $10 Hong Kong Dollars. Which is like a Euro or something. There are 8 races every half hour and there is plenty of food and drink and betting counters to fulfill all your needs.

Here’s a video clip of me urging my nag Bellion to victory only to see him drop to second in the final few seconds

So all in all good fun, good entertainment and probably even more fun if you actually win some money. Probably shouldn’t make a habit out of it though!

Further updates to follow in the next 24 hours, including murder, karaoke and Korean BBQs!

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