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…if I was a Hong Kong movie fan I would no doubt have uttered those words as I wandered around a corner in Causeway Bay and straight through a film set after work one day.But I’m not, so I didn’t. Being the nonchalant kind of guy that I am I just strolled past behind the camera looking uninterestedly at the actors doing their thang in an acting car. They looked like thugs so probably one of those Hong Kong cops and robbers flicks they are so fond of.


Unfortunately as the crowd gathered the thespians were wilting under the gaze of passers by so they felt the need to be covered like crash victims. Ohhh it must be a hard life.

I feel bad as it’s been a while since my last post but nothing of note has been going on and I feel inadequate just to spout on about the popularity of producing fake eggs with a heady cocktail of chemicals¬† or President Mugabe setting up a lovely holiday home here in Honkers to get away from all the cholera back in the ‘bab. I suppose I should just spout away. I wish I could talk about work, now that’s the material of a 1000 page epic tome of lies, heroism and slapstick comedy.

But for now, I will say that I played tennis and football in two strange settings this week. First on Tuesday I headed over to Hung Hom to a friend’s apartment complex for a game of tennis under the towering, err, towers. Nice court but the lights from the buildings near by fairly get in your line of vision and confuse things a bit. Court is behind all the playground stuff.


Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of the game of football we played on top of a roof in Causeway Bay last night. Quite the cute little 5 a side pitch with no nets on 3 sides so the skill levels certainly get honed in to not blasting the ball and keeping it on the ground. The pitch looks over a driving range and is looked down upon by the massive Beverly Hills apartments. I think I’ll be going again next week so will snap a few pics then for illustrative purposes.

To wrap it all up, it rained today for the first time in ages. And when it rained it rained. Hard. With probably the loudest thunder I have heard since ever. The kids were really excited about it all, which was fun to see. Anyhue, really tired and got one of those weird pains around my skull that you get from sitting under a draught and when you turn a certain way it gives a sharp pain. Weird. And I haven’t been sitting in a draught. Odd. Maybe I’ll go looking up the symptoms on the internet and make a diagnosis…yeah, that sounds like a great idea….

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