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Ahh yes,  the lonesome wailing of bagpipes reached up, soared if you will, to our 11th floor apartment last night. It was a signal and a warning that the first evening of Hong Kong Rugby 7s was over and the Scottish were marching through the streets of Causeway Bay to reach whatever place would sell them alcohol.

Catching the MTR this morning to my footy match (more on that later) at 7:30 there were already groups of fans heading to the Hong Kong Stadium for a day of drinking and very little rugby watching. Actually I’m watching it live on TV now and it is actually a bit exciting to watch. A bit.
I have made the decision to not venture out anywhere in the vicinity of bars tonight. I think and people have told me it will be chaos and like hell. I’m sure bagpipes will be involved too. I’ll hide under a pile of coats until it’s all over.

So my footy team, Hamsap FC, had our last game in our season this morning versus Friends United. They weren’t friendly and we weren’t united. We lost 3-2 and it was a waste of time; constant arguing, whining and time wasting on their behalf. It puts me off playing in this league again next season (which actually starts in May). I finished on 19 goals, not my 20 I wanted but fair enough. Time will tell what the new season will bring.

I’m off now to try and organise a little sojourn to Taiwan for our Easter break.

Here is my latest photo of IFC2 on a rainy cloudy day.

Stay tuned for some EXCLUSIVE Hong Kong related music I have been given to EXCLUSIVELY put up here!!

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Pre-normal post: Yippeee! Finally we are number one result when you Google “bonkers in honkers”! There was some dude who had left Honkers like 2 years ago and now lives in Switzerland that was clinging on to number one spot for ages but now I got him! Hahahaha! About time too, as I was about to email him and tell him how it doesn’t make any sense to have the blog named Bonkers in Honkers if you’re not actually in HK anymore. I had solutions for him; Pissy in Swissy, Tastes Like Toblerone, Neutralality Starts Here and Famous Swiss Cheeses Blog.

Let normal blogging resume.

Sunday night is one of mental preparation for the week ahead at work but also a time that my brain realises that it is still on its small break from thinking a lot. So don’t expect much.

Yesterday morning my football team Hamsap FC played in Aberdeen against Waterloo (yeah, huh huh, they certainly met theirs, huh huh!), we won 4-1 in nice and pleasant breezy conditions. Last time I played there it was 35 Celsius and 100% humidity. I nearly died that day. So yesterday I managed to get two goals; 1 header on the end of a looping cross from just about 1 yard out. And the other a nicely taken left footed free kick from outside the area. Never been the free kick taker from the right side but will stake my claim now.
I felt a little twinge in my left leg near the end and of course that’s got worse today so the planned 3 hour hike from Aberdeen Reservoir to Wong Nai Chung Gap was set aside for now, looks like a good one though. Hopefully can do it next weekend and it was a bit hazy (ie. polluted) today so the views may have been obscured a bit.

Well to not make this entry totally pointless, I thought I would mention a nice Japanese Curry place I found to be quite tasty. It’s called Japanese Curry Shop Bee II (I’m presuming there is a number 1 somewhere..) and it’s on Pak Sha Road which is just behind our apartment. It’s kinda fast foody in both presentation and in delivery of food. But that’s where the comparisons end, the curry beef and rice I got was fantastic.

It’s strange but when I was eating it I was brought back to the packets of curry mum used to put on our beef curries at home, and that’s a good thing! Very nice and I will be back.

And just to add a bit more illustration to this Sunday rambling is a view of our apartment building from the same road as the restaurant.
Now off I go for tomorrow I dress up as Jar Jar Binks for the sake of children’s entertainment.


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I saw that we had 76 unique visitors to our blog yesterday. And for what? A terribly irregular updated blog.

I feel ashamed….

But enough with the shame, I can live with that. Let me fill you in on a few things. Just a few.

The weather has cooled here! Yay! Enough to warrant a light top or hoodie for our morning walk to the school bus. The locals are dressed like they are about to hike Mount Everest and look at us as if we were about to take all our clothes off.

I have meticulously planned our Christmas trip to Vietnam. We leave the Friday night school ends (19th December) and fly to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon, comrades). We stay there for 3 nights and take a 3-4 hour bus journey north, north west to Phan Thiet. Which is a coastal resort area where lots of people go kite surfing and the like. A couple from school will be in that area so we will more than likely meet up with them. We stay there until the 29, then grab a bus back to Ho Chi Minh for an overnight stay in a hotel close to the airport so we can get to our early flight back to Honkers.
That will give us a nice little relaxing few days until we get back to the grindstone. Work.

What else..? Oh we are going to a Murder Mystery night in a hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui. Should be embarrassing. You pay for a slap up meal and God knows what else.
I’m also going with a couple of dudes to a Masters Football Tournament in Macau on December 5th. All the old wiley pros from English football will be out to impress. Should be fun.

Speaking of masters and football, Hamsap FC are doing ok. I’m up to 9 goals for the season, having scored my best and latest one last Saturday waaaay up in the New Territories. Ball over my shoulder, one bounce on the knee and a chipped volley in to the far corner. Was happy with that one. Testing game on Saturday with a team above us. Will see how we go.

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It sure is everywhere in Hong Kong, almost to the level of America. But not quite. I’m in one now!
I’m drinking way too much Starbucks now since I got here.

The quietest Starbucks in Hong Kong is in the quietest building in Hong Kong… Cyberport! Which is near our school. This mammoth building complex was supposed to be next big thing for companies to come and set up their offices and for shops to set up branches in their Plaza. Nah, didn’t work out. You see more cleaning staff and security than office people or customers.
Which is great when you need a Starbucks! There are two little alcoves of Starbucks to enjoy and wallow in inner thinking and caffeine.In fairness Cyberport try to entice people to come with regular exhibtions. One recent one was The Art of Gravestone(sic). Yeah it was as bad as it sounded. Next up it’s Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2008. Should be a massive crowd puller I’m thinking.

Although Starbucks is an example of an American franchise that works over here, not so for Krispy Creme who just shut down their shops over here due to lack of people wanting to eat their donuts. Other chains you might recognise are 7-11 (one very five feet), Circle-K, Ben & Jerry’s, H&M, Espirit and probably more that I can’t remember right now.

Weekend ahead. I want rest and relaxation. And some football playing. Hamsap are up against Keenlex (I’m thinking they went for Kleenex but failed miserably). They are above in the table so will be a tough one. Good luck us.

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Quick post as I only have news on my footy team here. I’ve pretty much stayed indoors to try and eradicate the cold I have.

On Saturday at 8am in Aberdeen my team played Waterloo. I scored a 15 minute hat-trick (3 goals to all you non-footy speak peeps). I was quite happy. The team was so dirty and cheated any chance they could get. So was glad to have handed them a nice defeat. Although, after been pointed out by my mate Art, I should have done various Napolean impressions after each goal. Dammit! Oh well there’s always the home fixture against them later on in the season

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