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Ahh yes,  the lonesome wailing of bagpipes reached up, soared if you will, to our 11th floor apartment last night. It was a signal and a warning that the first evening of Hong Kong Rugby 7s was over and the Scottish were marching through the streets of Causeway Bay to reach whatever place would sell them alcohol.

Catching the MTR this morning to my footy match (more on that later) at 7:30 there were already groups of fans heading to the Hong Kong Stadium for a day of drinking and very little rugby watching. Actually I’m watching it live on TV now and it is actually a bit exciting to watch. A bit.
I have made the decision to not venture out anywhere in the vicinity of bars tonight. I think and people have told me it will be chaos and like hell. I’m sure bagpipes will be involved too. I’ll hide under a pile of coats until it’s all over.

So my footy team, Hamsap FC, had our last game in our season this morning versus Friends United. They weren’t friendly and we weren’t united. We lost 3-2 and it was a waste of time; constant arguing, whining and time wasting on their behalf. It puts me off playing in this league again next season (which actually starts in May). I finished on 19 goals, not my 20 I wanted but fair enough. Time will tell what the new season will bring.

I’m off now to try and organise a little sojourn to Taiwan for our Easter break.

Here is my latest photo of IFC2 on a rainy cloudy day.

Stay tuned for some EXCLUSIVE Hong Kong related music I have been given to EXCLUSIVELY put up here!!

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