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So very busy, why am I writing this?
I don’t know, I suppose I don’t want to lose the 44 subscribers in Google Reader..who are you mysterious people? I don’t know anyone clever enough to use Google Reader!  Jokes of course.

Ok this is so gonna be fragmented and all over the place.

Tokyo is great!

Ok, that’s it.

Well o.k. some more info then.
Tokyo in December is really cold. So cold you have to steal clothes from the people putting you up. People are very friendly but will speak Japanese to you with a lovely smile on their faces even though they know. They know.
The train network is very nice especially the Yamanote line which rings through the city and it doesn’t involve descending in to the very bowels of hell to get to the train platform. Just a short escalator most times. Perfect. And the seats have heaters underneath to warm your frozen butt.
It’s very quiet on the trains there. Mostly because everyone is unconscious and dead to the world. The miracles you see at every stop when corpses you thought had no chances of resurrection suddenly spring to life and saunter out the doors.

We took to Yamanote the Shibuya; saw the lovely statue of Hachiko and proceeded to walk around Shibuya to take in the atmosphere of crazed shopping. We ate in some café above the crazy crossings that you all have seen.

We walked toward Yoyogi park looking for the Meiji Shrine and somehow didn’t find it even though it had 40 foot high gates. Luckily our friend showed us the way there a few days later. Yoyogi Park is full of harmless homeless people and crows the size of eagles.


One morning we got up early to go to the Tsukiji Fish Market. We went. And ended up at the wrong market but blissfully unaware we took it all in like morons. We were let known a few days later the brutal truth. Well there’s a video of us below of us walking around Jogai Market instead.
Make do.

Moving along we went to the Asakusa Temple which was in a delightful little area of Tokyo, the street leading down to the shrine is just rows of souvenir shops but take a few side streets and you get the real ambiance of the area. The temple is pretty cool too and we got to waft some incense and pour some water over ourselves.

We popped down to Yokohama for the day to meet a Twitter friend of mine who showed us around the shopping area and the school he worked in. The guidance was needed as we were on a mean streak of getting lost at every street corner. Yokohama seemed nice and quiet and a perfect break away from the Shibuya craziness.

Back to Tokyo we walked made our way to Sapporo Beer Museum but it was closed. We also went to the Musem of Modern Art. But it was closed. Don’t go to Tokyo over Christmas or New Year’s people. We took it in our stride though, we were enjoying ourselves. We went to the top of ummm, what was it something Hill,  Roppongi Hill,that’s it! It’s not a hill though. It’s a tall shopping plaza with a view of the city up on the top. Bit of a rip off I must say; you must pay for the art exhibit as well as the scenery. The art exhibit was to do with Medicine in Art. It was very bad. You had to pay even more if you wanted to die of hypothermia up on the helipad. No dice Chicago.

We saw in the New Year at the Jojoji Temple; it was a unique and lovely experience immortalized below on YouTube just for you. That’s Tokyo Tower going light crazy to the back and right. Back and to the right. Back and to the right.

The next day was our last day there and we splashed out by going to Gordon Ramsay’s food joint in  The Conrad called Cerise. We had the wine set menu which saw some lovely wines accompanying our courses. It was superb and with great views of silvery shiny building from the 26th or so floor.

Japan is great. Go there. If you’re already there then enjoy it.

This wasn’t as good as it looks. Bit too tangy. But still fine fodder. Not Gordon Ramsay’s

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Since when do we have to start wishing everybody Happy Halloween?! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year I can just about manage but I really don’t see the point of wishing somebody well for a day of dressing up in crappy costumes and performing pagan rituals.

Every year on October 31st one of us in Chez Bonkers celebrates their birthday, you may think it’s me due to sentiments spewed out in the first paragraph but alas it’s not. You will know when it’s my turn.

So we decided to wine and dine and treat ourselves at Habitu Ristorante in Lee Gardens Two just beside us here in Causeway Bay. Being the careful dude I rang up and booked a table for 6:30 just in case. At 4pm we nipped off to see Saw VI. Same old premise, entertaining enough for 90 minutes.

Habitu is located on the tippity top of Lee Gardens Two. It was fairly empty when we got there and stayed that way for the duration. Because said birthday person is a wine connoisseur I forked out for a 2006 Scansano red from Tuscany. It was nice. $448HKD worth of niceness? My brain says “probably”, my wallet says “Idiot”

Onwards to the main courses after some tasty bread. For me a char-grilled Wagyu Striploin

Now, don’t get me wrong it was a perfectly good Wagyu piece of goodness but bloody hell I need some potatoes with my cow! At least offer me some when I am ordering so I realise that all I’m getting is cow and some char-grilled peppers and asparagus. Disappointing.

The birthday girl had a handful of vegetarian options to choose from and went for the saffron risotto.

Do you think the risotto looks watery? Well it was! We’ve seen Gordon Ramsay fling enough risottos in to aspiring chefs’ faces in Hell’s Kitchen to know the consistency of a risotto! Other than the H20 abundance it was just plain bland. “Meh” is the word.

After feeling not too full from the cow I ordered a Warm Flan dessert. It would take 20 minutes I was warned. Fine.

The flan was bursting with oozing rich chocolate. If it wasn’t for the lemon gelatto it would have been too strong of a dessert for me.

So it was with a little disappointment that we asked for the bill. The food was of a lesser standard than we had expected but the wine was a fortifying comfort to us as we paid the wallet crushing bill.

Thank you Habitu! Don’t think we will see you again though. I’m sorry. Really. Please move on with your life. And keep an eye on your risottos.

Some nice buildings are to be observed when you’re out on the podium outside.

It’s my bet that some classy, cool and sophisticated people live here.

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