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Didn’t get the chance to post anything up about this last week.
Causeway Bay has entered the world of unearthly delights with the dropping of a bottle of acid from a rooftop near Sogo. A number of people were injured and probably a bit miffed. Acid dropping is not a new occurrence in Hong Kong but it’s more likely to happen on the Kowloon/New Territories side were all the maniacs live. Perhaps they over here Christmas shopping and decided to sprinkle their idea of Christmas spirit around.
Anyway, it hasn’t put off anybody shopping; Causeway Bay is absolutely jammed with people every day laden down with shopping bags and winter woollies as it is a little bit cold for the locals these days.

The police have been more visible on the streets patrolling around and a few days after the incident I happened to spy with my little eye (and my Nikon D70) something beginning with Roof Top Surveillance. That lasted about a day but I saw three other police dudes up there today so at least they are still just…checking. I think I read today that a reward of 300,000HKD has been offered up for the head of the acid dropper (or probably just their name). The worry now is if we are dealing with copy cat incidents rather than one sick and twisted mama.

Spot the spotter…




There he is! Although it looks like he is just peeking in to the apartments opposite him. Whatever floats your boat buddy.


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This is most of my journey from HKU to Causeway Bay every Tuesday and Thursday evening on the top deck of the number 23 bus.
And no the passengers are not all Alvin and The Chipmunks wannabees I’ve made it faster for your more streamlined enjoyment.

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Since when do we have to start wishing everybody Happy Halloween?! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year I can just about manage but I really don’t see the point of wishing somebody well for a day of dressing up in crappy costumes and performing pagan rituals.

Every year on October 31st one of us in Chez Bonkers celebrates their birthday, you may think it’s me due to sentiments spewed out in the first paragraph but alas it’s not. You will know when it’s my turn.

So we decided to wine and dine and treat ourselves at Habitu Ristorante in Lee Gardens Two just beside us here in Causeway Bay. Being the careful dude I rang up and booked a table for 6:30 just in case. At 4pm we nipped off to see Saw VI. Same old premise, entertaining enough for 90 minutes.

Habitu is located on the tippity top of Lee Gardens Two. It was fairly empty when we got there and stayed that way for the duration. Because said birthday person is a wine connoisseur I forked out for a 2006 Scansano red from Tuscany. It was nice. $448HKD worth of niceness? My brain says “probably”, my wallet says “Idiot”

Onwards to the main courses after some tasty bread. For me a char-grilled Wagyu Striploin

Now, don’t get me wrong it was a perfectly good Wagyu piece of goodness but bloody hell I need some potatoes with my cow! At least offer me some when I am ordering so I realise that all I’m getting is cow and some char-grilled peppers and asparagus. Disappointing.

The birthday girl had a handful of vegetarian options to choose from and went for the saffron risotto.

Do you think the risotto looks watery? Well it was! We’ve seen Gordon Ramsay fling enough risottos in to aspiring chefs’ faces in Hell’s Kitchen to know the consistency of a risotto! Other than the H20 abundance it was just plain bland. “Meh” is the word.

After feeling not too full from the cow I ordered a Warm Flan dessert. It would take 20 minutes I was warned. Fine.

The flan was bursting with oozing rich chocolate. If it wasn’t for the lemon gelatto it would have been too strong of a dessert for me.

So it was with a little disappointment that we asked for the bill. The food was of a lesser standard than we had expected but the wine was a fortifying comfort to us as we paid the wallet crushing bill.

Thank you Habitu! Don’t think we will see you again though. I’m sorry. Really. Please move on with your life. And keep an eye on your risottos.

Some nice buildings are to be observed when you’re out on the podium outside.

It’s my bet that some classy, cool and sophisticated people live here.

from https://bonkersinhonkers.wordpress.com

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Bloody hell, I look at my blog and two weeks have passed by since the last post. I hate myself sometimes.

Anyway I sometimes feel sorry for stores and businesses hidden up in nondescript looking buildings so I’m happy to give a shout out to a relatively new wine emporium which won’t render you penniless in the process. Pity their website as advertised on their card doesn’t work though..

Premier Fine Wines, as you can see from the map, is a mere few steps away from the main artery of soul-destroying pedestrian-ism between Times Square and Sogo on Jardine’s Bazaar. It stocks mainly Australian and French plonk and prices range from a reasonable (150HkD) to “what-the-hell-is-in-that-bottle?” prices. The lady that was there was very pleasant and gave us a taster of a nice Australian Shiraz which was one of the reasonably prices ones (maybe she has a financial-status sensor in the store). We will go back. If it doesn’t shut down in the meantime like all the other stores around us. It seems like there is boarded up store fronts wherever you look but as soon as they go up a new store is in its place to repeat the cycle of consumerist Russian roulette.

Causeway Bay Sewerage Works Update:
The trenches around C-Bay that have been there since we arrived have signs up saying they will be done by December 2009. They once said they would be done by February 2009. So if said trenches are gone and the work completed by December I will pour a bottle of Australian Shiraz down in the toilet in celebration.


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The celebratory fireworks extravaganza were but a not too distant rumble from our lofty perch in Causeway Bay.
Dim flashes of light in the night sky were the only evidence for us of the 20 minute spectacle….apart from the shroud of smoke which enveloped us for a good 40 minutes afterwards. Supposedly the show cost 400,000 USD…

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With the start of the new school year the mood in Chez Bonkers is somewhat muted and resigned.

The summer is over.

We have a long year ahead of us with few respite opportunities. But we will prevail. Oh yes.

Anyhue, we will nip off to the movie emporium tonight for a few hours of “entertainment”.
I have been pleased with my cinema experiences here in Honkers. I go to the relevant cinema’s website and choose my seats. I doddle along, usually to our nearest JP Cinema here  in Causeway Bay go up to a magic box on the wall, swipe my credit card, and two movie tickets plop out in to my sweaty hands. The respective screening rooms are quite big in JP cinema; which is a shock as you would expect space to be a factor here. And I am very pleased to announce that audience annoyances are minimal (and I get annoyed easily with idiots in a cinema). I think Honkers citizens have an appreciation of their films.

We are going to see Orphan as one of us loves horror movies and the other….goes for the popcorn and sheer experience!

Oh yeah and Honkers is stinkin’ hot these days. And I’m about to embark on over an hours travel to play football in it. Nice.

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While this  entry  refers to the infamous gangster killing incident of course it’s nothing like Chicago 1922 and there were no pudgy mobsters with tommy guns involved. Although death by firing squad would have been sweet release at times yesterday.

The day started well with a football game organised for 11:30am kick off in Sha Tin. I planned a 5 MTR train route there and back starting at Causeway Bay and ending up at Che Kung Temple. Takes about 40 minutes and with my Creative X-fi damaging my ear drums all the way it’s quite pleasant really. We ended up winning 3-0 with my good self grabbing the 3rd goal. Lovely.

I had to then head to Soho with ever smellifying football attire in my back pack along with my ball which makes a ball shaped indent in my spinal chord the longer I carry it. Up the escalators to the liquor store there that stocks a local whiskey from my home town then down. Very busy today I thought as I dodged, weaved, side stepped and shuck my head muttering slanderous observations about my fellow sidewalk occupiers. I didn’t realise what was to come.

Of course this is all getting to me and I decide on the overhead tram to head back to C-Bay. I had had enough of the MTR stations and it’s numerous escalators. And people.

The tram ride was nice. I like it as it’s slow and doesn’t feel like hell. You look outside down on the people and that looks like hell. I suppose I better mention that humidity has returned to Honkers. 80-95% humidity yesterday and yes, it did effect me in sweaterous ways.

I had to go to Times Square. ATM and buying things in City Super. The artery from Sogo to Times Square was the busiest I had seen it. Interesting I thought, surely not for Valentines, I thought. I thought wrong. The numerous jewellers were overflowing with people. These same jewellery stores that never see another customer for the rest of the year and the staff look like the most bored people on the planet were actually doing trade! Ok, there’s something going on in this city. I feared the worst.
One upside of the Times Square experience is the least used HSBC ATM in the city. I think 95% of the time I use it there is never a queue. I don’t think people know about it. So I’m not saying where it is.

Down to City Super and the crap hit the proverbial. Five deep at the meat counter. The lineup for checkout lined pretty much around the perimeter of the store. I was pushed. I was stopped. I was angered. I was hit on the ankle by a trolley. I dumped my basket of goodies and got out of there. Happy in the thought my basket would get in the way of everyone and probably stay there all day.

A mental note developed and one which I will follow from now on: Don’t leave the house on St. Valentine’s Day in Honkers.
I don’t even know why it’s such a big deal here?! I could look in to the socioeconomic variables here but anyway, I realise I don’t care.

We went out later, had a few drinks and yada, yada, yada I was locked out of the apartment at 2am while the occupant was in a coma inside oblivious to all attempts at awakenings. Sleeping in the stairwell was attempted and rejected after a few minutes. Then I remembered all those 80s detective show and how they opened doors. It worked. I was amazed and truly grateful. Thank you Magnum P.I.

Now I worry how easy it is to rob us while we sleep….

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