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So I ran away screaming from school today to grab a doctor by the lapels and shake him until medicine fell out.

I was very hoarse after my lesson today so had to be done. Doctor was right beside us in Causeway Bay. The guy was a bit dry, no real friendliness so I probably won’t be back to him. His office was empty so that was the best thing about it all. Didn’t say anything was up, just a virus. Didn’t even give me any good stuff just some bags of unmarked pills for throat and chest decloggage and some unmarked red goop for throat soothage. I could see my apartment building from his 26th floor waiting room. Which was nice. Hope his drugs hit the spot.

Just back from Tropic Thunder. Two thumbs up from this reviewer. Some very funny stuff in there indeed. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good comedy that didn’t fall flat any any stage. The cinema we went to in Time Square was a bit dated and reminded me of a cinema back in Dundalk that closed in the 80s. Yeah it was that bad. Will try the other cinemas beside us next time. Maybe 007 or Saw V up next.

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