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In fairness the exhibitions in Times Square shopping mall are pretty weak but the latest one is pretty cool looking. One of those art exhibitions that make you go “What the hell is going on?” and you just have to take a closer look.

I’m afraid the photos don’t do them justice, they’re created squished and elongated so the eye is totally fooled by walking up close to them and around them (no I haven’t messed up my image resizing!). I was really impressed. And a nice Leon tribute too.

This one isn’t baffling to the eyes it’s just a pretty cool looking goat or something along those lines.

from https://bonkersinhonkers.wordpress.com

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The decorations at Times Square  lead me to believe we have all slept through Christmas only to wake up to the other other yearly celebration.

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Times Square has recently opened up its new escalators to give us floor hoppers more ways to get to the places to spend our money. Elevators are always a hassle to get in to so it should be a welcome relief to some. They give the impression when on them as very unsafe though just because of the “out there” feel to them.

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Well, I think so…especially if it’s right outside your apartment window.


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While this  entry  refers to the infamous gangster killing incident of course it’s nothing like Chicago 1922 and there were no pudgy mobsters with tommy guns involved. Although death by firing squad would have been sweet release at times yesterday.

The day started well with a football game organised for 11:30am kick off in Sha Tin. I planned a 5 MTR train route there and back starting at Causeway Bay and ending up at Che Kung Temple. Takes about 40 minutes and with my Creative X-fi damaging my ear drums all the way it’s quite pleasant really. We ended up winning 3-0 with my good self grabbing the 3rd goal. Lovely.

I had to then head to Soho with ever smellifying football attire in my back pack along with my ball which makes a ball shaped indent in my spinal chord the longer I carry it. Up the escalators to the liquor store there that stocks a local whiskey from my home town then down. Very busy today I thought as I dodged, weaved, side stepped and shuck my head muttering slanderous observations about my fellow sidewalk occupiers. I didn’t realise what was to come.

Of course this is all getting to me and I decide on the overhead tram to head back to C-Bay. I had had enough of the MTR stations and it’s numerous escalators. And people.

The tram ride was nice. I like it as it’s slow and doesn’t feel like hell. You look outside down on the people and that looks like hell. I suppose I better mention that humidity has returned to Honkers. 80-95% humidity yesterday and yes, it did effect me in sweaterous ways.

I had to go to Times Square. ATM and buying things in City Super. The artery from Sogo to Times Square was the busiest I had seen it. Interesting I thought, surely not for Valentines, I thought. I thought wrong. The numerous jewellers were overflowing with people. These same jewellery stores that never see another customer for the rest of the year and the staff look like the most bored people on the planet were actually doing trade! Ok, there’s something going on in this city. I feared the worst.
One upside of the Times Square experience is the least used HSBC ATM in the city. I think 95% of the time I use it there is never a queue. I don’t think people know about it. So I’m not saying where it is.

Down to City Super and the crap hit the proverbial. Five deep at the meat counter. The lineup for checkout lined pretty much around the perimeter of the store. I was pushed. I was stopped. I was angered. I was hit on the ankle by a trolley. I dumped my basket of goodies and got out of there. Happy in the thought my basket would get in the way of everyone and probably stay there all day.

A mental note developed and one which I will follow from now on: Don’t leave the house on St. Valentine’s Day in Honkers.
I don’t even know why it’s such a big deal here?! I could look in to the socioeconomic variables here but anyway, I realise I don’t care.

We went out later, had a few drinks and yada, yada, yada I was locked out of the apartment at 2am while the occupant was in a coma inside oblivious to all attempts at awakenings. Sleeping in the stairwell was attempted and rejected after a few minutes. Then I remembered all those 80s detective show and how they opened doors. It worked. I was amazed and truly grateful. Thank you Magnum P.I.

Now I worry how easy it is to rob us while we sleep….

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