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Hello Joe!

Popped along to a nice little haunt, Joe’s Billiards, tonight for a few games of relaxing pool.

It’s hidden in a building on the 2nd floor, it gets a bit smokey but the tables are good and it’s a cosy place for a cheapish beer (around 2.50 euros a bottle of Carlsberg). Don’t know who or where Joe is but good on him, it’s a welcome retreat from the business of the rest of Honkers.

It rained today! Didn’t stop the humidity but was good to see rain still existed.

On my way back from Joe’s I snapped a few shots of various signs I like. I’m a sign nerd.

I snapped this because it’s a road beside me in Ireland. Get the pens out and start practicing it, people from my area!

And a few more various ones. More on Facebook.

Yes it is popular here.

You think I can start a Honkers branch of Cleveland SGS, John S.?!

Too tired to type more, haven’t got anything in my poor brain anyway. Night night.

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