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Feb 11th to Feb 20th

Bangkok, Thailand
Penang, Malaysia

Reasons and what for? Why? Huh?

It was Chinese New Year so we were off work for the best part of two weeks. This coincided nicely with TedxBKK. I hope you, my dear reader, know about TED conferences. They kick ass and the talks cross the gamut of Technology, Entertainment and Design. Get it?

We didn’t just go though, I like to terrify and subject myself through immense bouts of panic from time to time.
So I applied to speak and accepted I was. So I was speaking at a TedX conference. Yippee! I felt so important.
To cut a very entertaining, inspiring and  nervous couple of days short; it was awesome. I didn’t fall of the stage and land in the orchestra pit (if there was one) and I got lots of positive feedback. And we made a lot of new friends from the experience and ones that I look up to in my profession.

I don’t usually post things work related up here but as it was my own opinions on a topic I’ll go ahead and post a pic of me onstage and the general idea is behind me of what I was talking about. Bangkok still rocks, by the way, I love it (4th time there, with another visit in the pipeline early 2011). Takes like an hour to get anywhere though. Spraaawwwling.

(C) TED/Aloha Lavina

And here’s the view from the stage before I bored everybody.

So after all that excitement we headed off on a short flight to Penang, Malaysia. We splashed out a bit and stayed at the Shangri-La resort. Nothing much to report just relaxing, eating and drinking.

Few pics from walking in extreme humidity around Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tiring!

We did all our flights with AirAsia and had no problems, pretty nice airline and as the equivalent of Ryanair they stand head and shoulders above them in service, friendliness and organisation. Will fly again.

Tomorrow I’ll get up a little tale from my short trip to Singapore.

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…for leaving you all for such long intervals. All 50 or so readers who read my tripe. I’m sure you’re all gasping for more.

Here’s the down-low on what’s happenin’ in Chez Bonkers.

Well here are some food photos of a pretty traditional Chinese wedding we went to on Christmas Day! Yes I have to go back that far to get you some new photos. I didn’t eat the shark fin soup because I didn’t want to lose the last shred of my animal loving dignity. I ate every other “was once alive” thing on the menu though.

The difference between traditional Chinese weddings and the weddings we are used to in the non-Asian world was that there was no dancing. Not that I would have danced but that was the excuse when we guzzled our way through copious amounts of red wine. Copious.
I didn’t like the next day and it didn’t like me.

We are officially on two weeks holidays as of last Friday. We head off to Bangkok on Thursday as I’m doing a talk at a conference there on Saturday. If you’re intrigued I’m sure you can find it you internet savvy nerds. This will be my fourth time in Thailand; I like it a lot.
Then on Sunday afternoon we will fly down to Penang, Malaysia until Friday for some much-needed R’n’R.

Now I’m off to shave my head then later a trip on the Hong Kong train system up near “Real China” to play some football. Wouldn’t be surprised if the team is made up of Chinese border guards and immigration officers with attack dogs as cheerleaders. It’s raining too.

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