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I saw that we had 76 unique visitors to our blog yesterday. And for what? A terribly irregular updated blog.

I feel ashamed….

But enough with the shame, I can live with that. Let me fill you in on a few things. Just a few.

The weather has cooled here! Yay! Enough to warrant a light top or hoodie for our morning walk to the school bus. The locals are dressed like they are about to hike Mount Everest and look at us as if we were about to take all our clothes off.

I have meticulously planned our Christmas trip to Vietnam. We leave the Friday night school ends (19th December) and fly to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon, comrades). We stay there for 3 nights and take a 3-4 hour bus journey north, north west to Phan Thiet. Which is a coastal resort area where lots of people go kite surfing and the like. A couple from school will be in that area so we will more than likely meet up with them. We stay there until the 29, then grab a bus back to Ho Chi Minh for an overnight stay in a hotel close to the airport so we can get to our early flight back to Honkers.
That will give us a nice little relaxing few days until we get back to the grindstone. Work.

What else..? Oh we are going to a Murder Mystery night in a hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui. Should be embarrassing. You pay for a slap up meal and God knows what else.
I’m also going with a couple of dudes to a Masters Football Tournament in Macau on December 5th. All the old wiley pros from English football will be out to impress. Should be fun.

Speaking of masters and football, Hamsap FC are doing ok. I’m up to 9 goals for the season, having scored my best and latest one last Saturday waaaay up in the New Territories. Ball over my shoulder, one bounce on the knee and a chipped volley in to the far corner. Was happy with that one. Testing game on Saturday with a team above us. Will see how we go.

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