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Koppu Hits

Not the most illustrative of videos on the strength of Koppu but you get the point.
Koppu kept up it’s fight and The Observatory kept the Signal 8 so that we didn’t get to go to work today.
It was the first typhoon that actually looked like one in our year here.

The after effects today were bouts of very heavy and swirling rain. Bye bye Koppu, thanks for dropping by.

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So Typhoon Signal 8 got hoisted (I don’t know where they do the actual hoisting) around 6pm. All the shops are shutting…up shop…and the bus lines are like bread lines in communist Russia of old.

So the likelihood that it is still around come 6am tomorrow is about as likely as me winning a Pulitzer for my inane ramblings on here.

So that’s that.

It sure is a purdy Typhoon. All fluffy and thwirly.

Koppu loada that!

I’ll stop now.

from https://bonkersinhonkers.wordpress.com

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