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WordPress kicked my behind when it sent me that email with the stats of bonkersinhonkers. It did exactly what they wanted it to do; it got me at least to think about blogging again.

Reasons for not blogging

We are in our third year here in Hong Kong. Life has a habit of just being routine. Here we are in one of the most exciting cities in the world but when you throw in a 07:30-16:30 day job you become part of the normal working day life everyone has around the world. We travel back and forth to work in between towering apartment blocks, past local eateries, go through a tunnel through the middle of Hong Kong island and we get on with our lives. My family always ask me where the updates are to Bonkers and I look back and the last one was in September; that’s life getting in the way right there!

For sure, I find myself wandering the streets of Causeway Bay at times slaloming through the sea of humanity looking up at the awesome buildings old and new and realise how awesome it is to live here and to be experiencing what I am. I know  people find it interesting what we go through but it’s hard for me to find it interesting enough to blog about after two years. So I need to get back to basics. I need to think about what people who have never been to Hong Kong would find interesting or at least semi-interesting. I look at the Cleveland SGS blog that I know very well and find the various scenes of Cleveland fascinating and I think I need to be doing the same here.

I will try. With a kick up the backside and a fresh perspective from WordPress, Cleveland SGS and also the 365 Project. I will try.

Which leads me on to this mess of a lunch and a passing nod to my recent foray in Hot Sauce Williams in Cleveland. I get this delightful tray of earthly delights quite a lot from the International store at Cyberport. It’s breaded and fried pork, a dollop of mayo, two sushi rolls (this varies every day) and a slab of boiled rice with a Jackson Pollock helping of a soy sauce type thing all over the top. It’s lovely and fattening and delicious and it’s about $25 HKD which is about $3 USD/2.50Euros.

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You leave Hong Kong for any amount of time and you will return, without a doubt, to your favorite or handiest store closed and another store in its place .

I was shafted Saturday morning on my way to grab a taxi to soccer by a handy 7-11 I would always get my water and some sort of snack. Only to find it gone, never to be seen again. In its place? Another clothes store named after someone I never heard of.

It can also work the other way though. In the basement of Windsor House (opposite Ikea) where once stood a number of knick knack stores selling silly things now stands a lovely little International Park N Shop food store. A nice new close to home option for us to food shop. Beside it and new also; Fortress (a home appliances/computer store) and Watson’s (a pharmacy Boots type store). Actually Fortress is advertising they will stock the iPhone4 soon…

Windsor House also…houses…a newish cinema. It was there when we left but again it puts the number of cinemas within 10 minutes walking distance from our apartment to 4.

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