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I’ve being going to HKU now since September 2009 on a 2 year part time gig for my Post Graduate Diploma of Education. I finish up the whole shebang in May. Forever. God knows if the PGDE will have any┬ámonumental┬ástanding outside of Honkers.

The overwhelming high point of my time at HKU has without doubt been…..the cheapest Starbucks in Hong Kong!!

Yes for $35 HKD all this could be yours too. I seriously looked forward to this every week. They don’t card you either so yes you can just be a normal skinflint and get some cheap Starbucks too!

For your information in the first year of the PGDE at HKU you gotta go on a Tuesday and Thursday night from 6-8. Now in my second year I only have to go once a week. It’s been…an experience. There was a dead cockroach on the staircase leading up to my class for quite some time. A few weeks ago it disappeared…I miss it.

If you ever go to HKU prepare for stairs and elevators; it’s all levels Jerry. Levels. It’s a very easy university to get to though with numerous buses running right past the gate so that’s been good.

I’m getting my Masters somewhere else.

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This is most of my journey from HKU to Causeway Bay every Tuesday and Thursday evening on the top deck of the number 23 bus.
And no the passengers are not all Alvin and The Chipmunks wannabees I’ve made it faster for your more streamlined enjoyment.

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