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The Hong Kong Education Board just ordered our school to shut down for two weeks (which means we’re done for the school year) as 12 students in Honkers are diagnosed with Piggy Flu.

It was a surreal end to the year as the announcement came over the public address system. Teachers and students rushed to tidy classrooms and bring home work which resulted in little people bent over double with the weight of their school bags. Poor things!
There were a few tears at the sudden-ness of it all (by students, of course) and by 3:30 we had seen them all off for a few months. I hope they stay healthy.

It seems that this H1N1 virus is picking up again around the world so I think the EDB made a good call and I hope the decision has been made in time. It seems like an age since the closure of a hotel in Wan Chai for a week then I never heard anything about “the flu”. Until today.

We still, of course, go into work tomorrow and every day until next Friday. I’m sure they will keep us busy. It’s okay if we have meetings and mingle and get sick! There is a Grade 5 thank you dinner in a local hotel for the teachers on Saturday that I’m surprised is still going ahead; it is after all a congregation of children in one place! But I think the moms have worked too hard to arrange all of it so I think they are going to gamble our health for it all!

Here’s hoping it all calms down a bit so we can get the hell outta here next Friday!!

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