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Read all about it!!

There is a free newspaper handed out in the morning by thousands of cheery, friendly locals all around Honkers; it’s called The Standard. Some local blogs call it The Sub-Standard. I agree with them. especially after today.

The article screamed out at us from its lofty black box on the top right of the front page: “Schools on Facebook Mass Suicide Alert
It’s the sort of shlocky, shocky, amateur journalism that gets parents and talking heads all in to tizzy. Mostly because it involves…..THE INTERNET!
Throwing in words like cyber cops and phrases like “the fear is that the sinister cyber tentacles from the site have already clamped on Hong Kong youngsters.” are sure to get us all up on our feet to crush this cyber threat immediately!

“The group has been blamed for the attempted suicide earlier this month of a secondary schoolgirl in Hong Kong”
So basically the article is saying that normal, happy Hong Kong youngsters are seeing this Facebook group and immediately are switched on to the option of killing themselves. Right, I see. Nothing going on at home behind closed doors, hmm? Nothing going on in the school playground, corridors or classrooms, hmm? Nothing going on with peer pressure, drug or alcohol abuse, hmm? It’s Facebook that will make them jump off a roof is it, hmm?

“internet evils”  –  Nice, I’m going to use this to describe every website from now on.

I’ll leave the last words to Mr. Teddy Tang Chun- keung who stated that
“..a study carried out in September and October found that students in Yuen Long are generally not suicidal”
Ok Teddy, ok. And I’m generally not sleepy very early in the morning when I read this crap.

In fact, I’m sure if I did a “study” on how suicidal mini bus drivers are in Hong Kong I am sure I would find they are all a life-loving, tobacco -smoking joy parade. Having been in a mini bus this evening careening through the streets of Honkers I may also beg to differ.

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