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Grady Sizemore hitting a double in slo-mo taken at an Athletics game with my super Casio FC100

I’ve been totally Baseballized over the last few months.

I love it. I love the mind boggling stats, I love the fact that a lot of people hate it and I love the whole social aura around going to a live game.

The fact that I am now a Cleveland Indians by proxy does not deter me even when they are going through one of the most tumultuous times in their history with bad results and a mass culling trading of their big names.

That’s fine. I come from supporting my home town football team Dundalk; who are the most successful teams in Irish football history. But not when I’ve been following. We have languished in the lower division for most of the time I have supported them A major high point was the winning of the FAI Cup in 2002. That gave me enough to go on for another 7 years.

Anyway I digress. So now I watch live games on mlb.tv which is a fantastic service. Even if you don’t pay you get to watch condensed matches.

As previously stated I saw a couple of Indians games when  I was in Cleveland. It’s a great experience even if they don’t win. Which is common. I love the hot dogs. I like beer but I don’t like paying 7$ for a can of watery Miller or Coors Lite. Ugh, get real please Indians Catering Department. If there is one.

I love the hot dogs so much I bought a pack of National Hebrew hot dogs here in City Super for about 500 US Dollars…well not that much but ball park figure. They taste pretty good in fact and quite similar to the baseball dawgs.

It’s pretty sad though. I bought a mitt and a ball while in America; I thoroughly enjoyed some good pitching with my bro-in-law but now I throw from one hand to the other while watching TV. I try not to miss catching the ball resulting in a broken window and a baseball landing on somebody far down below with the force of an elephant.

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