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And if I remember my Irish…ta mise tinn.

Actually it’s only a raspy throat, bit of a cough¬†and a bit of a headache at times.
I’m still going to get up at 6:30am and play football at 8am tomorrow morning! Sweat it out a bit.

But it’s not nice not feeling 100% here. Air conditioning blasting you with cold bullets one minute and humidity and heat hugging you senseless the next minute.
School was weird today as we had something different on and our day ran from 1240-7pm. Ridiculous and confusing.

Anyone got any Halloween costume ideas? So far I’ve had Roman Gladiator thrown at me (no), Dr. House (meh) and a pirate (not a software one a sea-faring one but too bland). I can’t even face looking at the costume stalls in Pottinger Street in¬†Central but may have to go see them again tomorrow.
Talking about streets in Hong Kong. There is a street called Cannon Street and it’s pretty much all Pet Shops. It’s cute but also sad in a way. So you walk to the end of the road going “Awwwwww” and “Hee Hee” and “Pooooooorr thiiiiiiings”. It’s like the Green Mile for cats and dogs I imagine.
God I must take pics more. This is quite the boring post.

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