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Times Square has recently opened up its new escalators to give us floor hoppers more ways to get to the places to spend our money. Elevators are always a hassle to get in to so it should be a welcome relief to some. They give the impression when on them as very unsafe though just because of the “out there” feel to them.

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One aspect I miss of living in Europe and Germany in particular is going to gigs (concerts to the non-hip). I saw so many gigs in Germany and Europe in general over the last four years. It was fantastic and usually in smaller venues than usual. From the top of my head I’m going to try and remember all of them; Dave Matthews (twice), Stereophonics, Aimee Mann, Green Day, Snow Patrol, The Corrs (sssh, they are from my home town), Iron and Wine, Calexico, Peeping Tom, Mike Patton and Rahzel, Therapy?,  Pearl Jam, Sufjan Stevens, Oasis and most recently in Frankfurt my favourite band of all time; Faith No More. I had tickets to see Death Cab For Cutie but I couldn’t make it. Darn it.

Unfortunately here in Hong Kong not a lot of bands drop by. I miss going to see big names and not so big named bands. I’ve always loved live music more than recorded sessions. In fact after listening to some versions of songs live I can’t go back to the album version.

So joy of joys there are two gigs I will pay overpriced tickets for this coming January; Green Day and The Killers both playing at the AsiaWorld Expo – Arena on Lantau Island.

I have seen Green Day two times already and I’m always impressed so I’m looking forward to that one. Their latest album has some belters but overall it’s an o.k. album from them by their standards. The Killers I have just started listening to, I never really “got” them before but listening now to their discography I am digging it. Ya hear?!

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