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When in Honkers it’s best to look up. Things happen up “there”. Sometimes good things. Sometimes bad things.

Good things:
Bizarre sports goods shops in which you can buy the only set of steel tip darts in Honkers.
Cat shops. I have to look at one at the top of Lockhart Road every day to see if I can spot one of the moggies taking a peep at the stoopid hoomans.
Local type bars/restaurants. Well there was one on the 12th floor of a pokey little place opposite our apartment. Unfortunately when I dragged half a dozen of my colleagues it had decided to stop existing. They never believed me.

Bad Things:
I have noticed a trend of bad things going on up “there” too; it’s not all sweetness and light. Numerous times some people find it humorous to dump some acid on passers by. Children fall from up “there” and some people want to end it all from jumping from up “there” instead of facing what’s down “here” any more. Sad.

On a more banal note, leaky air conditioners start depositing pools of water from up “there” on to the pavements of Honkers now as the humidity has come back to kick our asses. I have relearned the lost art of hugging the inside pavement to get sneaky blasts of jewellery stores’ ice cold air conditioning.

Off to Zhuhai Wednesday; of course I get the only kid in the year who is allergic to everything and I have to have an Epipen close at hand. I’m going to make a holster and quick draw it out all day, twirling it around like a six shooter.

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