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Didn’t get the chance to post anything up about this last week.
Causeway Bay has entered the world of unearthly delights with the dropping of a bottle of acid from a rooftop near Sogo. A number of people were injured and probably a bit miffed. Acid dropping is not a new occurrence in Hong Kong but it’s more likely to happen on the Kowloon/New Territories side were all the maniacs live. Perhaps they over here Christmas shopping and decided to sprinkle their idea of Christmas spirit around.
Anyway, it hasn’t put off anybody shopping; Causeway Bay is absolutely jammed with people every day laden down with shopping bags and winter woollies as it is a little bit cold for the locals these days.

The police have been more visible on the streets patrolling around and a few days after the incident I happened to spy with my little eye (and my Nikon D70) something beginning with Roof Top Surveillance. That lasted about a day but I saw three other police dudes up there today so at least they are still just…checking. I think I read today that a reward of 300,000HKD has been offered up for the head of the acid dropper (or probably just their name). The worry now is if we are dealing with copy cat incidents rather than one sick and twisted mama.

Spot the spotter…




There he is! Although it looks like he is just peeking in to the apartments opposite him. Whatever floats your boat buddy.

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