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If you’re heading down to Bangkok from Hong Kong for whatever reason you can get the most reasonably priced flights on, strangely enough, Emirate’s sparkling new behemoth double-deckered Airbus 380! I’ve wanted to fly on this bird since I watched its maiden flight live streaming back in 2006/2007, I can’t remember exactly.

On board, it’s got great leg room; you are actually disadvantaged sitting at a bulkhead row as you can’t watch your TV while taxiing, take-off or landing. And the extra leg room is minimal. Emirate’s entertainment system is also full of stuff to keep you entertained. Flight times between HKG and BKK are only about 2 and a half hours anyway.
The downsides of flying this size of plane is the extra bodies on board, everything takes longer and is more stretched out due to the numbers involved. We were delayed both going and coming back and I’m thinking this is quite regular. The more the people the more the chance of things messing up!

You can really feel the sheer weight of the A380 when turning and taking off. It’s a great experience and if Emirates keep their prices low then it will be number one choice for many people doing the Bangkok route from Hong Kong.

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I popped down to Singapore from the 2nd to the 5th March for a conference. I stayed in a dodgy hotel near Suntec City. It was cheap and I could sleep but I was missing the usual niceties of those soul-less chain hotels. And cleanliness.

Singapore struck me as even more “westernised” than Honkers. More Starbucks and more English heard around the place. It was nice though.

I knew that a couple of people I talk shop through Twitter lived and worked in Singapore so meeting up with them was great and another reason why Twitter rocks for making connections. And friends!

A few pics.

Some crazy looking building which is going to house a Casino amongst other things.


Looks like a Durian fruit so it’s nicknamed the Durian Building.

The Merlion. Every city should have a water spouting statue.

My first eyeballs on the A380. I had a chance to fly on it down to Singers but the times did not work out. Shame.

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