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You leave Hong Kong for any amount of time and you will return, without a doubt, to your favorite or handiest store closed and another store in its place .

I was shafted Saturday morning on my way to grab a taxi to soccer by a handy 7-11 I would always get my water and some sort of snack. Only to find it gone, never to be seen again. In its place? Another clothes store named after someone I never heard of.

It can also work the other way though. In the basement of Windsor House (opposite Ikea) where once stood a number of knick knack stores selling silly things now stands a lovely little International Park N Shop food store. A nice new close to home option for us to food shop. Beside it and new also; Fortress (a home appliances/computer store) and Watson’s (a pharmacy Boots type store). Actually Fortress is advertising they will stock the iPhone4 soon…

Windsor House also…houses…a newish cinema. It was there when we left but again it puts the number of cinemas within 10 minutes walking distance from our apartment to 4.

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It sure is everywhere in Hong Kong, almost to the level of America. But not quite. I’m in one now!
I’m drinking way too much Starbucks now since I got here.

The quietest Starbucks in Hong Kong is in the quietest building in Hong Kong… Cyberport! Which is near our school. This mammoth building complex was supposed to be next big thing for companies to come and set up their offices and for shops to set up branches in their Plaza. Nah, didn’t work out. You see more cleaning staff and security than office people or customers.
Which is great when you need a Starbucks! There are two little alcoves of Starbucks to enjoy and wallow in inner thinking and caffeine.In fairness Cyberport try to entice people to come with regular exhibtions. One recent one was The Art of Gravestone(sic). Yeah it was as bad as it sounded. Next up it’s Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2008. Should be a massive crowd puller I’m thinking.

Although Starbucks is an example of an American franchise that works over here, not so for Krispy Creme who just shut down their shops over here due to lack of people wanting to eat their donuts. Other chains you might recognise are 7-11 (one very five feet), Circle-K, Ben & Jerry’s, H&M, Espirit and probably more that I can’t remember right now.

Weekend ahead. I want rest and relaxation. And some football playing. Hamsap are up against Keenlex (I’m thinking they went for Kleenex but failed miserably). They are above in the table so will be a tough one. Good luck us.

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