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500 Hennessy Road is the next mega-mall in Hysan Development portfolio of “works”. It’s been a construction site since we arrived in Causeway Bay in mid 2008. Only recently has it started reaching for the skies.

Word on the street is it will have 11 floors of retail space and 36 floors overall with 4 basement levels. A business pamphlet regaling its awesomeness toots that it will be a green building with green roofs with energy sustaining features lah de dah de dah. Actually they list quite a lot of energy/green measures in their blurb and it takes up about 90% of the information given. Must be feeling the heat from somewhere.

Anyway, it will be done by the end of 2011 and will look like this:

There’s a bit too much blue sky in the artist’s impression. Picture it, if you will, with a dozen more concrete structures surrounding it. You may glimpse a bit of blue sky in between the concrete jungle or reflected of the energy efficient windows. I can only imagine the increase in traffic in the area. Yowsa!

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