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Bye Bye…

Update Feb 2016: I’ve found my passion again and got back into blogging my adventures in Singapore and beyond at www.surprisinghorizons.com

It’s easier to leave than to be left behind….

This is the last post on Bonkers In Honkers, it’s been a blast…. Hong Kong will always have a place in my heart (right next to my right ventricle I suspect).

I would love if you could follow our further adventuring in Singapore and other countries over on our new blog, A Strange Horizon (no more place specific blog titles!)

There will always be a link back to here from our new blog as it’s fantastic looking back at our time in Hong Kong.

So please, follow us as we make the move. See you on another strange horizon at some point….

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We are here..

.in Singapore that is. Unfortunately my brain is in no mood to think up a new title for our blog so we are still Bonkers in Honkers for now. Looking for a non-place specific title if any of you come up with anything.

Soooo Singapore….

We’re stuck wired up to the internet in the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge where the ants come free with the room and the breakfast is made by people who don’t taste their own food. But today, we move to our new apartment! Woohoo! I have no pictures or videos until we get internetted up in our new pad. I will say this, though, the balcony is bigger than our Hong Kong apartment and we are very very happy about that.

Singapore is expensive. More expensive than Ireland. There is nothing cheap here. NOTHING!! It’s outrageous. I’ve lived in Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong and there was always something in each country you could rely on being cheap. I have found nothing here to be cheap. NOTHING!! I will get more into this phenomenon when we are settled in to our new place and my wallet comes out of its shock related coma.

We’ve made our ubiquitous IKEA run which is basically a maze of household goods designed by a maniac. It’s a horrendous experience. Also have our TV ordered from Harvey Norman (got a good deal on a display model 40″ Sony HD).

Anyway, I don’t feel comfortable writing this in our hotel room as ants tickle my fingers (I’m constantly and paranoidly scratching here). I look forward to settling down and writing up more posts about our new experiences here in Stingapore..I mean Singapore.

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I popped down to Singapore from the 2nd to the 5th March for a conference. I stayed in a dodgy hotel near Suntec City. It was cheap and I could sleep but I was missing the usual niceties of those soul-less chain hotels. And cleanliness.

Singapore struck me as even more “westernised” than Honkers. More Starbucks and more English heard around the place. It was nice though.

I knew that a couple of people I talk shop through Twitter lived and worked in Singapore so meeting up with them was great and another reason why Twitter rocks for making connections. And friends!

A few pics.

Some crazy looking building which is going to house a Casino amongst other things.


Looks like a Durian fruit so it’s nicknamed the Durian Building.

The Merlion. Every city should have a water spouting statue.

My first eyeballs on the A380. I had a chance to fly on it down to Singers but the times did not work out. Shame.

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