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We are here..

.in Singapore that is. Unfortunately my brain is in no mood to think up a new title for our blog so we are still Bonkers in Honkers for now. Looking for a non-place specific title if any of you come up with anything.

Soooo Singapore….

We’re stuck wired up to the internet in the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge where the ants come free with the room and the breakfast is made by people who don’t taste their own food. But today, we move to our new apartment! Woohoo! I have no pictures or videos until we get internetted up in our new pad. I will say this, though, the balcony is bigger than our Hong Kong apartment and we are very very happy about that.

Singapore is expensive. More expensive than Ireland. There is nothing cheap here. NOTHING!! It’s outrageous. I’ve lived in Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong and there was always something in each country you could rely on being cheap. I have found nothing here to be cheap. NOTHING!! I will get more into this phenomenon when we are settled in to our new place and my wallet comes out of its shock related coma.

We’ve made our ubiquitous IKEA run which is basically a maze of household goods designed by a maniac. It’s a horrendous experience. Also have our TV ordered from Harvey Norman (got a good deal on a display model 40″ Sony HD).

Anyway, I don’t feel comfortable writing this in our hotel room as ants tickle my fingers (I’m constantly and paranoidly scratching here). I look forward to settling down and writing up more posts about our new experiences here in Stingapore..I mean Singapore.

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