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After only experiencing one hot pot eating event once before I was eager to try it again. Especially as the first one was bloody vegetarian!! So I was very happy we were invited to a very meaty hot pot event in a colleague’s apartment.

Basically hot pot involves a pot of boiling water, raw vegetables and meat. And an accoutrement of  sauces and spices to mix together as your dipping concoction. It’s a very communal, social affair with everybody ladling out various things to people who can’t reach the bubbling broth of earthly delights.

This was my smorgasbord of sauces. I like soy so I  had two types of soy, some spring onions and a little sesame oil. It was niiice!

Various fish balls, beef balls and tofu bits.

The pot for veggies only. VEGGIES ONLY!!

Pre-dipping into my special sauce. Yum!

The other entertainment of the night was our friend’s aquarium. I love a good aquarium and could stare at one for evvahhh.

Hi Mr. Turtle!

I think this guy is called an Axolotl; a type of salamander. We think he’s blind…

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