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I love pigs, I try not to eat too much pork due to my fondness of them. Smarter than dogs you know? But I’ve known some dumb dogs in my time.

So Swine Flu still exists and it is literally snorting its way through Honkers schools.  I think there are one or two schools closed at the minute around HK and speaking from my own school I think there are probably half a dozen primary school kids confirmed with H1N1. I had the pleasure of teaching 2 classes during the week which had been hit by the most casualties. All kids are doing o.k. at home which is good.

Anyway before summer even the mere mention of H1N1 in a school would get it shut down. There was one reported case in a school and all schools were shut. Now the approach is very lenient and there needs to be 10% of the student population struck down with it for the school to close.

Ok, the severity of the flu has gone done in the world’s health peoples’ eyes but it strikes me as odd that the approach is so soft; especially when you are dealing with Primary School kids and less developed immune systems (yeah I studied biology in secondary school).

Well, I hope for the sake of the kids it won’t get any worse and I hope for the sake of everyone that it doesn’t take a serious Swine Flu “incident” to occur for the government to take more stringent actions.

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