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Nope, I haven’t popped over to the mainland unnoticed by the sentries but I have been to a Shanghainese restaurant called Beautiful Shanghai in Cyberport for a spot of lunch this week.

What can we expect from Shanghainese food I hear you splutter in between mouthfuls of Doritos?!
I really don’t know….perhaps a mixture of pleasurable taste sensations from my humble lunch time experience.
Here are some pictures:

The dumpling on the left had a piping hot soupy mixture inside it which could have been nasty if I were not warned well in advance. The right side dumplings were mixture of veg and shrimp. Just popping in to shot some pork strip.Nice. Next!

Hmmm Shanghai Noodles. Tasty thick glutinous noodles with a beefy oily sauce and a smattering of vegetables. The word smattering can only be used in the context of food.

Didn’t have much of this. Stringy noodles in a bath of peanut broth. It was so peanuty don’t bother stepping foot inside of Cyberport if you have a peanut allergy. You’re in danger.

Would I dine here again. Yes. I would feast down upon a big dish of Shanghai Noodles making growling barking sounds to ward off any table friends wanting to share.

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