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With the start of the new school year the mood in Chez Bonkers is somewhat muted and resigned.

The summer is over.

We have a long year ahead of us with few respite opportunities. But we will prevail. Oh yes.

Anyhue, we will nip off to the movie emporium tonight for a few hours of “entertainment”.
I have been pleased with my cinema experiences here in Honkers. I go to the relevant cinema’s website and choose my seats. I doddle along, usually to our nearest JP Cinema hereĀ  in Causeway Bay go up to a magic box on the wall, swipe my credit card, and two movie tickets plop out in to my sweaty hands. The respective screening rooms are quite big in JP cinema; which is a shock as you would expect space to be a factor here. And I am very pleased to announce that audience annoyances are minimal (and I get annoyed easily with idiots in a cinema). I think Honkers citizens have an appreciation of their films.

We are going to seeĀ Orphan as one of us loves horror movies and the other….goes for the popcorn and sheer experience!

Oh yeah and Honkers is stinkin’ hot these days. And I’m about to embark on over an hours travel to play football in it. Nice.

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