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Ruby Tuesday

$532.40HKD = 48.42Euros = $68.70USD

We popped along to City Plaza in Taikoo Shing on Friday to pick up our tickets from Cathay Holidays to Hua Hin, Thailand. While there we decided to kill three birds with two stones or three birds with one stone; whatever analogy works.

First off dinner. We saw a restaurant advertising American style food so wandered in, it was only when we saw a menu that we knew it was a Ruby Tuesday. We didn’t see any signs outside stating that. The only other experience we had of Ruby Tuesday was in the middle of a T8 Typhoon warning last year when we went in to the one in World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay. Our memories were of not the best food and an immense hole in our money bag.
Those memories came back to haunt us.
$30HKD for a thimble full of guacamole!!
$194HKD for a plate full of pasta, chicken and broccoli absolutely smothered in melted cheese!!

The bill was a shock, and with a polite but firm “no” to the waitress offering us a member card we jumped through the nearest window. Twice bitten, thrice shy for us.

After that  we stopped by the UA Cinema in City Plaza to catch Drag Me To Hell. Reviews have been good and we thought we were in for a shock-fest of the highest calibre! No, not quite.
First off,  the cinema in cityplaza is pretty cool; very retro looking to make it look like the cinemas of the grand old days of around the 40s or 50s. Nice idea.
The problem with Drag Me To Hell is it’s inability to stay in one genre; horror or comedy. Up until one scene  20 or so minutes in you believe you are watching a true horror or chiller but after that it’s half wannabe shock-comedy, half shocker. It was disappointing. The scares were cheap bursts of noise along with corny visuals. Where have all the genuine horrors gone?


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