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I had heard that Bulldogs Bar in Wan Chai had closed but I was rather surprised to see another bar in it’s place already. And one right up my alley to  boot!
It’s called, rather mildly, Rockschool and they have live rock music on every night. I had a nice little chat with the owner Gregory about his guitar collection and his thinking behind the opening of a bar of this type.

From anybody familiar with Bulldogs there is no real change in décor apart from the massive stage where the dartboard used to be. Furniture is the same and the pillars around the bar have been painted neon colours and each of them have a range of cool guitars on them.

One thing hasn’t changed since Bulldogs, it’s still bloody freezing inside.

I really hope it works for Gregory. I have my concerns but I will certainly pay Rockschool a visit from time to time. One thing Bulldogs had going against it was that it was smoke free before the smoking ban. It was never that busy when I ventured in. I hope that Rockschool is different enough amongst the densely bar-populated Wan Chai to pull in the punters.

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