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Food Compendium

I’ve taken numerous shots of food over the last few months which I haven’t posted up here so I thought I would get around to it now.

First up is a blob of sticky rice and beef wrapped up in a bamboo leaf. It’s called Zongzi and it ties in with the Dragon Boat races that take place around Hong Kong in early June.

This was presented to me at work one day so I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so a quick blast in the microwave and….

It tasted very…leafy…but it was a fine snack to have mid afternoon. I’m all for eating traditional foods when it’s free and tasty.

There is a great Shanghai-nese local eatery on our street called Shanghai Yat Pang Heung (don’t bother looking for a sign, it’s not anywhere to be seen in English outside). I have not been in a few weeks, I don’t know why…so don’t ask. I really like the food there, well actually I can  only say I like the beef curry because that’s all I get. I don’t know why but they always give me a tasty bowl of soup before the main dish. Fine with me!

From what I can tell there’s bits of bones and vegetables in there. All good.

Hmmm, it’s making me hungry just looking at it. Some may complain that the curry is very salty but I like it that way. Nicely accompanied by a bowl of boiled rice and thick chunky potatoes in the curry. Perfect. I think from memory it’s about 50HKD, around 5 Euros. I will be back!

Beside us in Times Square there are four floors of  eateries. We decided to go to the 798 Unit & Co. restaurant one night on the 11th floor due to their claim of having a very wide array of beers from around the world. We love going to Times Square and seeing everyone line up in the massive line to the elevators to the food floors. We always walk nonchalantly in to Times Square itself and take one of the indoor elevators up to the 9th and escalator it up from there. But recently, Times Square have opened up a couple more elevators straight up to 10th. Result! There are never any lines…hope it stays that way.


We got one of the last remaining tables on a very busy night for the 798 crew.

To bring back happy memories of two Oktoberfest in München spent in the Löwenbraü tent I opted for the above. Surprisingly it did taste like the real thing and did bring back memories of giant pretzels and burly muscular waitresses.

The vegetarian on the night chose the pasta dish. There wasn’t a lot of option for the herbivores on the menu. It was tasty enough though.

The carnivore lumped for the steak. It was tasty but quite a small bit of cow. The jacket potato was nice and the (soy/gravy?) sauce was a nice accompaniment to the steak. The yellow was sauce was like fire from hell so I did not go past the “tip of the fork” taste test.

As the restaurant was getting busier I made a pact that I would get desert only if the waitress came quickly to clear our table. She did so I did. then the desert took forever to come. Oh well. It wasn’t really worth the wait. I’ve eaten tastier lemon meringues out of a box from the freezer I’m afraid.
So, would you go back I hear you chortle? Meh…..as a last resort if we are wandering around the food floors of Times Square. Maybe.

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