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Happy Valley horse racing on a Wednesday night here in Honkers is coming to a close for the summer (presumably to deter horses from dropping dead in the heat and humidity).

So off we went for a night of either losing money or winning money. It was a rainy but terribly humid night

The crowds at HV are mainly business type ex-pats and tourists hanging around the food and drink epicentres with the locals mainly hanging around the bookies counters reading form guides furiously as if their livelihood depends on it. It probably does. The first time you fill in the betting slip can be an adventure fraught with incorrectly filled in boxes and patient betting tellers telling you where you stupidly went wrong. After that though, you can have a spring in your step knowing  that you have everything right on your way to losing money.

I had a plan for the night 100HKD in every race on the nose. I won the first race with odds of about 4/1. Great start!

Beer tastes better with money you didn’t have a few minutes before

Some people’s approach to betting is to go for the nicest name. This rarely works I’m afraid.

The only downside for me came during the end of the night, when my outside chance bolted from the stalls and promptly landed his jockey on his ass approximately 1 metre from the start. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the horse for future reference.
All in all, it is a good night out to spend (time and money) and the admission in is a very reasonable 10HKD. The 30 minutes in between races fly by if you are actually throwing your money away on each race that is!) with studying of the nags and their form, course history and their family tree (anything with Irish parents gotta be good right?!)

I broke even.

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