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Welcome to Zhuhai!

So our trip to Zhuhai came and went like a toothache. You pronounce it Jew Hi! so add an “el” sound to the end and you get something utterly different and bothersome.

I must say our impressions were certainly tainted by 56 Grade 5 kids but along with that it was a pretty boring experience. Two science museums stuck in the 80s with similar “attractions”. An urban planning museum trying desperately not to be one. And an agricultural centre disguised as a row of greenhouses.

Tilt your head to the left I couldn’t be bothered rotating it. Nice pumpkin you got there.

I think the kids were bored, I know I was. We stayed in a nice hotel and the kids didn’t throw any televisions out the windows so I see that as a  success right there.
Meals were orderly and officious affairs with 8 or 9 of us at a table with plates of food thrown at us from all angles and place on a spinny carousel in the middle of the table for us to spin casually when we felt the urge for something else. It was like Wheel Of Fortune with foodstuff.

You wouldn’t want to be a vegetarian or anything…oh wait. Let’s just say there was plenty of boiled rice had.

Um, what else. Oh yeah, nothing new for the Asia experienced readers out there but for those far away from Asia these are the toilets you face when at restaurants in China.

This one is almost regal compared to the squat I faced in a floating village in southern Thailand.

This was the dining venue one day. Quite grand. Except the toilet.

We went to visit a school one day. It was massive. With about 40 students. It was so quiet and desolate. After we left the kids told us all the students there were just swearing at us the whole time. Lovely. It was great to share cultural values and respect to one another.

Maybe all the students were away getting experimented on….

Every school needs a sign like this. It would stop all sorts of misbehaving.

After it all, we were very glad to be back home. Only two documented vomiting incidents, no visa or passport issues and no deaths. Job done.

Now back to report card writing….

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