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I mean, seriously, where the swine flu have you been?!!

I been waiting here for over a month to see if you would drop by!! Sheeeesh!

Anyway, I forgive you. Just this once.

So what has happened since I last bothered my behind to write anything, I hear you ask?
Quite a bit actually:

Swine Flu
Now it has dropped off the radar worldwide I think the Honkers Government is a little less paranoid because make no mistake locking up 300 guests in a hotel for  a week is the definition of paranoia. Masks came out in force. More so. Seemingly a parent from our school was on the doomed flight with the infected Mexican. We were told this as an afterthought to our weekly meeting. Nothing to worry about of course.

My Birthday
Came and went. My age now begins with a 3 instead of a 2. Seems like forever that I have had a 2 there. Oh well. On my birthday I really felt terrible; broken, tired, exhausted, apathetic. But that was just my old brain playing tricks on me. Probably.

Someone Else’s Birthday
I was dragged screaming to a Karaoke hotel type place. You know one of those places were each room is a den of off key singing and horrendous sing alongs?

I loved it!

With the addition of copious amounts of food and drink, Nintendo Wii  mixed along with fun and laughter it was a great night out all together. It was a great night out.

Continues. Slowly.
I think children and adults alike are just sick of the sight of each other and want to leave and start all over again next school year. Personally, things are beginning to form in my mind about what I need to do in the classroom etc. so these last few weeks are going to be ok. Slow but ok.
Here’s a photo of my desk. Along with Star Trek inspired font bits in honour of Star Trek being released in Honkers on the sloth like June 4th when dvd rips will be available for downloads already. I’m sure.

Not much. We head off this week for our first mainland China experience to Zhuhai. Unfortunately an  experience shared with 54 Grade 5 kids. Naahhh should be fine. My goal for any trip is to not lose anyone. That’s easily achieved. Right?

Plans for Summer
Leave Honkers June 20th
Come back after a momentous summer July 21st.
Sounds simple.

Got a lovely PSP for my birthday. Saw Wolverine in the cinema (good) and Knowing (horrible). Will stare at the ceiling waiting for Star Trek.
Will go the Hong Kong Soccer 7s  at the end of May. Unfortunately when it comes to playing football I have a weird foot injury that keeps me away from the hallowed sport for the near future. Wah!

Expect a report on Zhuhai come Friday.

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