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Lamma Island is a small enough island lying a mile or two of the south of Hong Kong Island. It’s a mecca for hikers and dog walkers and hippies and tourists. And ex-pats who want to get away from maid strewn sidewalks on a Sunday.

A quick ferry ride from Central Pier Number 4 and you arrive on Lamma where you can hike a number of different paths. It’s really nice and we walked a nice undulating path for 2 hours. We ended up at a small enclave of seafood restaurants and a pier where ferries head back to Central.
We will definitely go back over the CNY period and do choose some more trails to vary it a little. And of course it’s exciting to see what type of dog is around the next corner.

Lamma Island has a couple of nice beaches also.

For the dogs in a little bother

Kamikaze Grottos. When the Japanese occupied Honkers. They built these on Lamma to put speed boats into so when British Ships went by they would speed out loaded up with kaboom sticks and Kamikaze the ship. The war ended before they could use them.

Sharyn’s prize at the end of the hike. A vegetarian rice dish.

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