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This is a new acronym that has to be shoved in to my already overflowing brain.

So what does it all mean??

Well…..its pertinent to this time of the year in Hong Kong/China…….


Yes, that right smarty pants it stands for Chinese New Year (Jan 26th this year) and the acronym stops you getting rsi every time you need to type it out.
– Traditional Chinese for CNY. Simple!

This is how to write the Chinese word for Year. Practice it and fax it to be on my desk by Monday morning.

January 26th marks the start of the year of the Ox. I won’t write down my humorous musings on the year ahead referring to certain oxen related words.

So it’s a big deal over here but there is a lot of stuff and superfluous traditions and superstitions that come along with it that all us non-Chinese are scared of, bemused by and will probably try and ignore.
For one thing, it pays to be either a kid or single around this time because all us old folks who are married should buy a bunch of red envelopes from the local markets, fill it with crisp bank notes and present it to them!

Yeah, I’ll present all my single friends with these envelopes but I’ll stick a little note inside with “Loser” written on it.

Actually we are going to fold under Chinese pressure and present a red envelope to our overly cheerful and friendly security guy in our apartment building. Who probably hates us.
Money must be crisp, no coins, no multiple notes, no odd numbers and no number 4 involved in the monetary value.  And you must give them a big kiss too.Only joking with that last one. Although I could start a trend.
And we have to wear new clothes on New Year’s Day. And no black. Which rules out most of our wardrobe.

So it’s a big family deal and all families travel home to eat and have arguments. You would want to be a stark raving lunatic to travel to Chinese territories over CNY. Very busy is one way to describe the transport system.

Hong Kong will be quiet and shops will shut over a few days.
We have decided to stay at home over our two break and just relax, sleep in and do normal stuff. Can’t wait really.
Our final day of school is next Friday when probably there will be no classes and we will all be involved in some sort of shenanigans.

Stay tuned for my “Beers of Vietnam” collage in my next post

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