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Ok, this is gonna be long with plenty of pics and videos. As usual there are more pictures in my Facebook photo albums.

We were in The Philippines from Sat 27th until Thurs 2nd. Of all the days there it rained for half a day and this is why Sharyn and I now resemble zombie reptilian creatures as our skin was burnt and is falling off everywhere. Although we are through the worst of it all. Has to be said it’s a different type of sun around here, it’s like it passes through a magnifying glass before it hits the skin (yes, I know the real reason science people!).

The flights

With Cathay Pacific. Was meant to be an A340 on the way there but sadly it was an old A330. Which kept us on the ground with technical difficulties as long as it could. On way back it was a newer B777. Not the best experiences with Cathay which is strange as it is highly regarded around these parts.

The holiday

We stayed in Plantation Bay in Cebu. More particularly on Mactan Island, Cebu. Mactan island is nothing. There is nothing. You do nothing. You stay in your resort and lounge by the pool, drink and eat and that is perfect.
There are resorts dotted along Mactan Island and they all are little microcosms of life where travelling communities come and go and only see the natives and their dwellings as they speed by them on air conditioned taxis to and from the airport.

The resort

Plantation Bay is big with large pools (which are pretty grimy and nobody uses), a few small pools (which are cleaner). The one and only pool we used was the one with the bar and was clean. There were 4 or so restaurants in which we only frequented one. So you are limited but when the weather is good and the food and drink is flowing then it’s all good.

The pics!

One of the larger pools

The pool with the bar on the right and the restaurant on the left

The handy pool bar

Hawaiian Night at Plantation Bay.

Of course Sharyn got up and danced the Hawaiian 5-0 dance much to my amusement and enjoyment.
Video alert! If you watch anything just watch the last 30 seconds for the general feel of things.

Activities were few and far between.

A little pitching green, where I spent a frustrating 20 minutes

And a firing range where I shot an M-16 and a Colt .38

My years of playing computer games paid off as all my shots were in the “zone”. The instructor was very impressed.

The Day Trip

We took a day trip to Bohol an island slightly south west of Cebu. Long trip but was worth it in the end.

Here be the map of Bohol with our route marked out (click for larger):

We took a boat trip where we had lunch and listened to Kermit the Frog sing Crapenters hits, I mean Carpenters hits.

We then went to see the chocolate hills which are Bohol’s main tourist attractions. They’re pretty impressive but less chocolaty than predicted.

The steps up to the viewing platform

The ‘Hills!

The second most popular tourist attraction in Bohol are the Tarsier monkeys! They are the second smallest primate in the world. They’re pretty cool!

These guys are nocturnal so it’s a bit crappy that they get disturbed all day by silly tourists.

I fed them a fried cricket on a stick! Sorry I had to wake you up to please my own needs buddy!


And finally on our Bohol trip a bit of history. Years after Magellan arrived in 1521 to bring Christianity to the islands with the use of death and destruction another dude from Spain (Legazpi) came along to Bohol in 1565. Instead of killing everyone who didn’t agree with him he talked things through with the local chieftan (Katuna) and basically they cut their wrists put their blood into a chalice and drank to new friendship. Lovely.

“The Blood Compact” Katuna on the left with Legazpi next to him “Cheers!”

That’s it!

Until next time. More of Hong Kong life to come soon.

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